Acid Reflux Natural Remedies

January 3, 2011

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

If you are looking for natural acid reflux remedies you need look no further than your local farmer’s market, Internet or health food store.

Have you ever wondered why on one hand we call grocery stores Health Food Stores, but on the other hand we never say “Acid Reflux Stores, Sickness Stores or Bad Food Stores” do we?

Perhaps we should at least think of them that way.

No one would want to see a slow-food drive-thru, fast food is the name of the game, you’re in a hurry and your boss only allows you 30 or 60 minutes for lunch.

Acid reflux is caused from eating things that cause acid reflux; the natural remedy is simple learning to eat the opposite things.

The challenge is the big food industry doesn’t label your acid reflux remedies like they naturally should.

Big food, like big Agri and all big businesses all want you to buy a lot of everything . . . not just the natural remedies.

In fact if they can make money selling you the things that cause your acid reflux, or whatever dis-ease you might have, then it goes unsaid that they can make even more money selling you the natural remedies too.

Sadly, the foods that cause dis-eases like acid reflux are cheap quality, readily available and priced lower less too . . . sometimes because of government subsidies! Whereas the foods that help your body’s natural healing process work better, the natural remedies, are usually more expensive and are becoming harder and harder to find.

I don’t like to sound off as if this is some theory of a big business conspiracy . . . so I’ll tell you straight up . . . this is NOT a theory. In fact the business of food and medicine has simple gotten too BIG.

That’s the fact of the matter. People don’t think like big corporations, so it just sounds like a theory, but it’s not. BIG corporation simply do not think like people do . . . and it’s hard for us because millions of expensive advertising campaigns have trained us “people” to think corporations are people too.

I hate to pop your bubble, but just because some politician gave “people rights” to a business, still doesn’t make them a person.

Your acid reflux and every other health issue in America can be trace directly to the foods people eat and the beliefs they hold to be true. All this is directly affected by BIG business and their targeted advertising campaigns- remember BIG tobacco?

If you think fast-food joints care about your acid reflux or anything to do with your health and wellness, you are deluded.

Health food stores sell high quality food, natural remedies and food support supplements, obviously the people who own and operate those businesses truly care about helping cure your acid reflux.

Because once the light comes on, you’ll be back- health and longevity are contagious. So go forth and start taking all your natural remedies for acid reflux and everything else- join what I call “The Self Health Care Revolution!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 28, 2010

Natural Cures and Acid Reflux

You already know natural cures for acid reflux are the answer your looking for, but that’s not all your looking for. Deep down you know that if acid reflux can be cured with natural remedies why shouldn’t anything be curable, right?

Think about that for a moment. Since when did you even start to entertain that anything, no matter what it is whether it is acid reflux of cancer, couldn’t be cured with natural remedies?

Do you see the madness?

How in the world did we all get brain washed into thinking the worst instead of the best? It’s as if all our rich culture from thousands of years has been stolen from us. I mean seriously, I have a bone to pick with all this hopeless thinking that seems so rampant.

What happen to America’s great melting pot of natural remedies? Did the melting pot boil away and water down all our family wisdom and common sense?

Of course natural remedies cure acid reflux and anything else. To say natural remedies don’t heal is like saying all these health problems aren’t caused by unnatural causes.

There are still places where people generally live dis-ease free and they also live extra-ordinarily long lives. So tell me if all the acid reflux and the rest of it isn’t caused from unnatural causes then why doesn’t the great almighty medical industrial complex cure acid reflux?

To the contrary, the medicines manufactured for people who suffer from acid reflux have been proven to make acid reflux worse-haven’t you heard of acid rebound syndrome?

Acid rebound is caused from taking antacids, it’s caused from ignoring the real cause of acid reflux and because the drugs create chemical dependency, they create another market where people are suggested to participate in . . . the market of buying into more medicines that cover up acid reflux, acid rebound and gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) . . . or even lead to surgeries.

Sure drugs will always play a role in medicine . . . but please, let’s not forget the science.

The Healing Edge of scientific evidence points to the fact that food can cure. Your acid reflux can be cured with positive thinking and right eating . . . it helps to include a healthy lifestyle in there as well.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 16, 2010

Natural Cures for Acid Reflux Symptoms

Natural cures for acid reflux are safe, effective and have zero adverse affects, unlike the artificial acid reflux drugs so readily available today.

If all these expensive, patent-protected acid reflux drugs are so good for you then why do they have so many brands and why is acid reflux-related disease still so common?

Natural cures for acid reflux don?t need fancy labels and multi-million dollar research patents and they work with the natural curing processes already within your own body.

If the government sponsored the spending of billions of dollars promoting safe, affordable and effective natural acid reflux cures through the mainstream media like they do drugs, there wouldn?t be a acid reflux health problem in America like there is.

We have a big challenge before us all these days. People need to rise up and make a stand against government protected medicine and other big businesses that only have their share holder?s interests as their only concern.

It?s just not good for big business to promote natural cures for acid reflux or any other dis-ease Americans suffer from . . .there?s just too much money to be taken yet.

Controlling foods that cause acid reflux with government subsidies is another problem. Subsidies take your tax dollars and make acid reflux triggering foods cheaper and acid reflux curing foods more expensive.

If you?ve been paying attention lately now the special interest groups are lobbying for a Trojan horse food bill called S.510.

This will cost Americans billions in tax dollars and skyrocket the cost of natural cures found in fruits, vegetables and nuts, that are already ridiculously too expensive.

Acid reflux isn?t caused from paying attention to the corrupt activities of a greedy government administration or big business; even though they may want you to think that. Perhaps they want you to think that way for the same reasons they are trying to stop you from using natural cures for anything, not just acid reflux . . . to keep you chemically and emotionally dependent on their unnatural products and services.

Natural cures help us understand what Western medicine doesn?t want you to know; that your body uses food as medicine and that these natural laws are intelligible facts that reveal our amazing inner connection to the natural cures world.

Funny how just talking about acid reflux and natural cures can lead to a political and scientific revolution, but that?s how bad things have become. If our country?s health is in shambles and people of all ages are being told they need socialized medicine to afford to take their pills, then perhaps whoever is in charge of passing out natural cures better get darn busy.

Sadly, it?s illegal for you or me to sell a natural cure in the U.S. and if you advertise a natural cure the big government protection agencies will accuse you of selling drugs without a license. Hard to believe that something as simple as an apple can cure your acid reflux and is a proven natural cure, but did you know that according to U.S. drug laws ONLY a patented drug can claim to prevent, treat or cure acid reflux, or any dos-ease?

So cherish this Freedom information, do your own research and share what you find. I may not be able to make a living offering you natural apples to cure your acid reflux, but as far as I know I can still inform you about natural cures for acid reflux and other health issues drugs can?t cure.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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December 14, 2010

Acid Reflux Natural Remedies

Acid reflux can be prevented, treated and cured with natural remedies. Just because unnatural eating habits made you get acid reflux in the first place, by no means justifies taking unnatural products to help your body cure itself.

Even natural remedies don?t really do the curing, but they are the BEST at helping you help your body to heal itself.

You see the graduates of even the best medical schools in America are being taught to only rely on artificially made substances (drugs) to treat people suffering from acid reflux, or any other health problem for that matter.

In fact students who know better are standing up for natural remedies in the medical universities and institutions everywhere. They are fed up with being taught fake-science designed to serve the drug industry.

The sad truth is many text books are even funded and edited by the long arm of the pharmaceutical industry. You?ll never find any information about natural remedies for acid reflux or any other natural health solutions in these books.

Plus the majority of students are being sponsored by Big Pharma and placed in career positions serving the drug giants. I don?t blame anyone for taking a high paying job to pay back there student loans, it?s a bad place to be when you can?t make a living healing and curing people with natural remedies.

Acid reflux happens because there is an imbalance in the natural processes within your body.

Fact is doctors don?t know how your body heals, reproduces and regenerates in the first place. They spend billions of tax dollars making drugs to block symptoms of imbalance, but they fall short of finding and curing the root cause.

Acid reflux shouldn?t be a big deal, but it is.

How can something so simple to cure as acid reflux need so much attention? I?ll tell you why, because when people are conditioned generation after generation to trust, without question, the Western medical complex, they become victims of malpractice.

In other word simple problems like acid reflux get worse and become cash cows for the medical industry- that?s malpractice.

Seriously, so-called medical experts are literally experimenting on the American people and making excellent livings doing so. Acid reflux leads to gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) only because doctors are practicing the ?theory? of treating acid reflux with chemicals and designer drugs that are making acid reflux symptoms worse.

If you?re taking antacids and you still have acid reflux, try some natural remedies before your acid reflux advances into a more serious condition. The last thing your need is a hiatal hernia or a surgical procedure to save your throat form being chemically dissolved by stomach acid.

Do your own due diligence, read labels and black box warnings, search the Internet; look at the consequences of ignoring the real cause of acid reflux. It?s easy to learn what causes your acid reflux, PLUS natural remedies are so simple, affordable and safe, why not at least try to address the real cause of your health problems, even if it?s just a little acid reflux . . . natural remedies really do work with your body?s natural healing processes, even if you don?t have a doctors degree.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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