December 7, 2010

Cure For Acid Reflux

The Standard American Diet appropriately referred to as SAD or the Western Pattern Diet is largely to blame for all the American?s with acid reflux. The question is should we be looking for a cure for acid reflux or for the SAD pattern of eating?

It is SAD that people?s diets are controlled by misinformed government agencies that ultimately serve the corporations they were created to regulate. This Western pattern of eating is dietary habit that supports a sweet meat-based culture.

Acid reflux is one of many side effects of mainstreaming such a sweet-meat diet.

The Is An Alternative To The Current ?Disease Management System.?

Did you know out of 19 developed countries, America spends more money annually on conventional (i.e., drugs, surgical and radiation) medicine, than any other, which is projected to reach about $4.3 TRILLION dollars a year by 2017.

Ironically, even though America spends the most money on treating symptoms, we are ranked last at 19 out of 19 industrial nations for our overall health.

As other less developed countries take on the Western pattern of eating their overall health is dropping in proportion to the amount of Big Pharma products they use increases, especially acid reflux products.

Acid reflux can be cured, but you will have to make a commitment to making that cure happen, without drugs.

As long as people believe in the Big Pharma propaganda, that blocking symptoms is good, social health problems like acid reflux will never be cured.

Truth is no developed nation should suffer from something so easy to cure as acid reflux. Unfortunately people who suffer from symptoms of acid reflux usually have some other symptoms of degenerative dis-ease directly associated with under-nutrition caused from inferior eating habits.

The Western Pattern Diet is based on high quantities of red meat. Not all red meat is bad for you; however leading scientists agree that feedlot beef is higher in saturated fat and lower in nutritional value than natural grass fed beef.

Eating a diet high in saturated fats is one of the leading causes for acid reflux and other dis-eases. If that rings a bell, then your acid reflux cure is to eliminate red meat, at least cut down the amount and increase the nutritional quality of it.

The other poison link in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is high quantities of sugars and refined grains.

Sugar is known to increase risk of degenerative dis-eases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The main reason is sugar is an inflammatory molecule that increases acid pH of your body?s ?terrain.? It just so happens this is a suspected cause of acid reflux too.

Because sugar over works your pancreas by forcing it to produce high levels of insulin which eventually gets stored as saturated fats, it shifts the environment of your body to acid, rather than alkaline.

This triggers an unhealthy chain of events that can cause acid reflux and lead to many other health problems. To correct the over acidic terrain inside your body, minerals are donated by bone and tissue causing loss of bone density and a weakened immune system.

Acid reflux is a symptom of a mineral deficiency caused from sweet-meats, sugars and refined grains which all trigger high levels of insulin. So to cure your symptoms of acid reflux you will need to give your pancreas a rest, which will help you lose fat and restore an alkaline pH terrain in your body.

Bottom line is the cure for acid reflux is common sense eating habits. Stop doing what the Big Food and Big Chemical companies want you to do. Summon the will power to stop eating foods that trigger acid reflux, acid pH and a low oxygen terrain.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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