April 8, 2011

Acid Reflux Relief

You want relief from acid reflux, but you’ve heard about the real dangers of taking OTC antacids. You already know that covering the symptoms of your acid reflux doesn’t spell true relief at all.

In fact the worst thing many people can do is start little antacid pills and tossing back shots of proton pump inhibitors to make acid reflux magically go away . . .

That’s why your reading this isn’t it? My guess is you’ve either heard that acid reflux can become worse by covering symptoms with OTC gimmicks or you’ve already learned that the hard way yourself, right?

The bottom line is this: Alkalize or die.

Your biological functions all depend on this simple fact. Your tissue needs to maintain a slightly alkaline pH of between 7.25 and 7.4 pH.

Acid reflux often has nothing to do with too much stomach acid, but rather too much tissue acid. When the pH of your blood, organs and bones has an acid pH, it means you lack cellular oxygen, minerals and nutrients.

Acid reflux relief means alkalizing your tissue pH, which doesn’t mean popping antacids to buffer access stomach acid.

Truth is having extra stomach acid production is rarer than you might first think and most cases of acid reflux are triggered from a stomach acid deficiency.

Being alkaline basically means being salty and trace minerals are salts. Most people who suffer from acid reflux suffer from just the opposite of what direct-to-consumer advertising leads them to believe.

You see when you lack trace minerals in your tissues; your entire body quickly falls short of optimal health. When you have less than optimal health your automatic healing systems can fail.

Acid reflux relief could very well mean you need these trace mineral salts to help your 60 trillion cells to conduct essential electrical signals, which obviously all your metabolic functions depend on . . .acid reflux is nothing more than a cellular communication breakdown.

Only when you have optimal health can you expect everything to function automatically and correctly.

Your digestive metabolism demands these trace minerals to be available to produce stomach acid, enzymes and other cofactors your immune and digestive system needs. Nature’s best forms of these cellular salts are ionic minerals ideally found in pure artesian well water and in organic heirloom vegetables.

Acid reflux relief can truly only be found in eating the right foods. Food truly is the first and last medicine, everything else is most likely just a gimmick and will contribute zero to your optimal health and acid reflux relief.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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