November 19, 2010

Diet And Acid Reflux

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Acid reflux is usually triggered from overeating. Frankly overeating is really bad for you anyway you look at it. Not only can your diet habits be responsible for triggering an acid reflux, according to scientific studies it will shorten your lifespan.

Correct diet, activity levels and natural attitude are a few of the common denominators to extraordinary health, other than quality of air and water, nothing determines your health more.

So in a way I guess you could say acid reflux is one of those symptoms that are warning you could be in danger of a premature death. It would be ridiculous to believe acid reflux is a cause of death, when actually acid reflux is a symptom you?re accelerating your aging process . . . acid reflux is only the symptom, that cause is your diet..

Take an example from the Okinawans; they really know how to live.

It just so happens that, Okinawa, Japan has the highest percentage of indigenous 100 year olds in the whole world. They also have 80% fewer heart attacks than people in the United States, 50% less incidence of colon cancer and less than 25% of the cases of ovarian, prostate and breast cancer.

Many Okinawans live to be super-centenarians, that is, they live 110 years of longer. Imagine being an octogenarian grandparent, which means having eight generations of grand kids.

If you enjoy your food like I do, you?ll love this once you give it a try: eat less more.

The key to curing your acid reflux issues is to eat less, don?t eat till your full and eat 4 to 7 times a day, oh yeah and drink naturally alkalized water in between meals.
A study of Okinawan longevity revealed that they eat 7 servings of vegetables and grains a day. Plus they eat 2 servings of ?fermented? soy, like tempeh or tofu, eat very little dairy and plenty of wild caught fish every week.

NOTE: Unfermented (green) soy can cause acid reflux symptoms because the soy allergens and other phytotoxins. Fermentation eliminates the phytotoxins that can trigger acid indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux.

If you can?t eat and live like a super centenarian islander, then at least try to spread your meals out further, eating less, but eating more often through the day.

Here are a few more tips: Try not to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime, eat your protein before your carbohydrates and focus on eating 80% raw fruits and vegetables . . . lightly steamed or grilled is acceptable.

You acid reflux is directly triggered from your diet and obviously is a symptom, or sign, you need to make some lifestyle modifications and starting with your diet is a sure bet.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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