June 5, 2008

Taking Antacids May Be Causing Massive Nerve Damage!

Antacids | Stomach Pain

The truth is many antacids and antiperspirants contain aluminum and other metals that may prevent absorption of other minerals critical to a healthy calcium metabolism. Published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, a study done at the University of Alabama at Birmingham claimed aluminum interfered with the electrical function of calcium in cells upsetting calcium, iron and phosphate balance and possibly harming nerve and brain health.

Previous studies have shown that aluminum reduces the body?s sensitivity to Vitamin D needed for proper calcium absorption into the small intestine. Many biochemical processes have been shown to be adversely affected by aluminum, such as;

Dietary aluminum and other sources such as antacids and antiperspirants affect individuals with already compromised levels of vitamin D even sooner. Other than from direct sunlight, you can only get vitamin D from your diet by eating more mackerel, sardines and salmon. People with dark colored skin and the elderly have a difficulty making vitamin D. Plus, sunscreen blocks natural production of vitamin D. That?s why I suggest always waiting at least 10 minutes before applying sunscreens.

Now you may ask what this has to do with your recurring acid reflux and painful heartburn issues, but I?m here to tell you it may have everything to do with it. You see your body needs several minerals that work together to not only provide for healthy, nerve, muscle and bone health, but also for healthy levels of stomach acid (HCL).

Acid reflux is only one of the first symptoms of a serious mineral imbalance. You see, your body uses specific mineral salts to produce stomach acid (HCL). Our soil and therefore our food are deficient in minerals because of the industrialization of agriculture.? That?s why one of the most overlooked health problems of today happens to be a Hydrochloric Acid Deficiency.

That?s why if you suffer from acid indigestion, bloating and gas you may also suffer from allergies, headaches and skin issues, along with other symptoms such as joint pain, arthritis and loss of bone density. The good news is your acid reflux suffering may simply be an easy to solve stomach acid deficiency.

I know it sounds revolutionary, but that?s only because the general idea of what causes heartburn is completely the opposite of what the root cause really is. That?s exactly why natural remedies for acid reflux are so popular these days . . . they are revolutionary because they work with your body rather than against it.

In my next post I will pick up on this topic and further investigate why drinking milk may be causing your acid reflux to get even worse.

Live well,

Martin Jacobse
Medical Investigator

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