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October 18, 2010

Heartburn and Stomach Viruses

Heartburn and stomach viruses have more in common than you may first think.

Most people are discovering that it’s easy to be immune to viruses; it doesn’t matter if you are exposed to them. In fact the whole flu virus vaccine is a scam. Most people that get the shot are now carrying the live or attenuated virus . . . along with mercury and other poisons.

There is no scientific proof the viral shot even helps-at best it might protect you for a week and a half.

But there’s something else you need to know about viruses and heartburn . . . neither one can harm you if your internal “environment” is healthy.

Let me explain. If your saliva, tissue and blood “environment” is balanced at about pH 7.4 even cancers cells are dormant. Viruses, like cancer cells, require a low oxygen, high acid and low pH to thrive.

Stomach viruses can’t even reproduce unless they take over your cells, which they cannot when your pH is “salty” or alkaline.

When I say “salty” I don’t mean table salt, I mean, mineral rich, sea salty. Your healthy blood, tissue and saliva are nearly identical to sea water as far as composition and pH.

Your heartburn also depends on a healthy pH. Only your stomach environment should have a low pH, which means high acid levels.

However your “gut,” or digestive system, needs to be more “salty” and less acid. Only your stomach lining is tough enough for stomach acid. The rest of your digestive tract is gradually less acidic and more alkaline because it has to support delicate flora and microorganisms that help break your food down even further, after your stomach acid and powerful enzymes get first shot.

The two are connected because if your gut is out of balance, that means the good bacteria and micro-organisms are being overrun by bad bacteria and evil microorganisms.

Once the bad guys take over, your digestive system, or gut, fails to pull enough minerals, nutrients and cofactors from your food as it goes through your long plumbing system.

This means that your immune system is compromised and to make things worse, now you may be suffering from heartburn caused from your stomachs inability to properly digest your food.

Yes, that’s right, more often than not; heartburn is actually caused from lack of stomach acid. You see, to make stomach acid, your gall bladder and other organs need plenty of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

So stomach acid is eventually connected to viral infections.

The last thing you want is Candida albicans growing in your gut. Candida is the bad micro-organism, not to mention E. coli and viruses. Candida is yeast that turns into a fungus that puts holes in your gut and allows undigested food molecules to get in your blood.

While your immune system is burdened with fighting this problem, it uses up what nutrient stores you had left.

Once your system bogs down because of low oxygen, low pH and low nutrition, acid wastes build up inside your cells.

Viruses like acidic cells; they can compromise them and eventually take them over to help reproduce more viruses.

So learn how to stay alkaline and eat more “raw,” nutrient rich, food sources to promote your minerals and all that good stuff-your body will take care of the rest.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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September 15, 2010

Stomach Virus and Heartburn

Did you just get over having a stomach virus and now you suffer from heart burn and indigestion?

Then you might be wondering if there is such a thing as a heartburn virus, but there?s not.

It just so happens that the condition that permitted the virus to flourish, is the same condition that can trigger acid indigestion.

You see a stomach virus, or any type of virus depends on you providing the right internal environment in order for it to become active.

In other words, you could already have a virus or many viruses inside your body. However, they are asleep in a ?dormant? state unless the conditions invite them to wake-up and become ?active.?

Viruses behave similar to a seed, a bad weed seed. Seeds of grain have been found in 4,000 year old Egyptian tombs that remained completely ?dormant? and intact.

When these ancient seeds were then placed in moist, nutrient rich and decaying soil, they sprouted and grew.

Your heartburn symptoms are another health issue that is a tell-tale sign of a specific environmental condition. It just so happens that the ?environment? I?m referring to is inside your body.

A healthy body will ward off viral attacks and maintain a balanced gastrointestinal environment.

Once that environment is set ?off balance,? just about anything is fair game. Just like anything else, once it is off balance, it is easy to tip it over. Even a tiny virus can collapse an unbalanced immune system; it doesn?t take much once your health has been weakened to an extreme point.

Old Science Proves You Can Ward Off Viruses and Heartburn Without Drugs

Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), a Frenchman, made the greatest contributions to microbiology more than one hundred years ago, all of which is preserved in the archives of the French Academy of Science.

Unfortunately most of his discoveries have been erroneously accredited to the infamous plagiarist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895).

Bechamp’s research proved that your cells are made of smaller living entities that behaved intelligently and showed self healing abilities. He proved that germs and viruses needed an acidic pH inside the body and when the body?s natural pH balance was maintained at a slightly alkaline pH, these micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses could not grow.

A healthy alkaline pH is the result of having a slightly salty blood plasma. By salty I mean a body with a healthy balance of ?trace minerals? similar to sea salt.

The ancient biblical statement that you are ?the salt of the earth,? rings timelessly true here.

Bechamp knew that your body?s operating system revealed an intelligent design and it?s only vulnerable when intelligence is not equally applied through wise dietary and lifestyle habits.

Heartburn can be cured by eating a variety of raw foods Mama Nature made to switch on the master switch to your immune system. There is no medication yet that can match the efficiency of a healthy, balanced immune system.

All you need to do to support this ?intelligent defense system? is to eat right and exercise a little. If you suffer from viruses and heartburn, indigestion or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), you can live free of these parasites and disruptive symptoms by simply changing your internal environment.

Eat foods that create and nurture a healthy alkaline condition.

The almost lost secret of long life and optimum wellness is all about finding mineral rich sources of foods and eating them regularly, it?s that simple. You can wash your hands all day long with detergents and antibiotic soaps, but if your pH balance is acidic internally, you?re going to run into stomach viruses, flu bugs and probably end up battling acid indigestion and heartburn the rest of your life.

It doesn?t have to be that way . . . seek out knowledge about natural remedies and prove evidence-based Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) cures and join the? Self Health Revolution.?

Live well,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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