Gastritis Diet

July 18, 2011

Gastritis Diet

gastritis diet for acid refluxThe gastritis diet is a safe diet used to cure acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion and ulcers through a healthy diet and nutrition plan. The foods digested are easy on the stomach, healthy and necessary for people with stomach pain, severe gas and inflammation in the stomach lining. Someone with a gastritis condition can have a mild or severe case, depending on how long it lasts. A doctor will order a blood test to determine if there is a gastritis problem. If so, then there are many treatment options. The safest and healthiest one is by changing the diet to treat heartburn, indigestion or any stomach pain.


The most common symptoms are upper abdominal pain, nausea, discomfort, pain, heartburn, vomiting and diarrhea. A blood or stool test can determine if there is inflammation in the stomach lining. If the tests show a gastritis condition, then any of the above can occur. Fortunately, there is an all natural way to treat these symptoms and cure the effects of it. The gastritis diet is safe, natural and proven to work. While everyone’s body is different, it is important to remember that any of the foods should be able to cure the discomfort within a few days.

A New Diet

Acute gastritis can be treated within two to three days, while chronic gastritis may take up to one week. One treatment is to eat two bananas in the morning and drink a glass of milk ten minutes later. Coconut water is very effective as well as it makes the stomach lining normal again. The main foods to be eaten during a gastritis diet are fruits and vegetables. Warm water can relax the stomach and help it to relieve the damage. Apples, grapes, pears, oranges, peaches and grapefruit are some good fruits with juice that should help relieve the heartburn and acid reflux. Green vegetables and cooked vegetables are recommended as well. Small exercises should be done to contribute to the success of the treatment. However, there are some foods that need to be avoided so as not to increase the pain anymore.

Avoid These

When fasting and starting this new diet, it is important to avoid a few different kinds of foods. Alcohol, caffeine, coffee, chocolate, tea and peppers should be avoided because they can irritate the stomach lining causing more pain. The idea is to get better, not worse. Tomatoes, foods with lots of fat and foods that cause heartburn should be avoided as well. Seasonings like cinnamon, gloves, garlic and onions should be limited to avoid any other irritations or pain. Dairy products should be limited, but foods with high fiber are okay.

Take Action

The Reflux Remedy Report is a safe report that can be downloaded online at It provides safe and healthy ways to treat heartburn and acid reflux through an all natural diet. The proven home remedy is affordable and gives two bonuses after purchase. This report has been tried by many, and they have testified to its success.

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June 7, 2011

Hypertrophic Gastritis

Hypertrophic gastritis is a pre-malignant condition. As a pre-malignant condition, a person may find a way to overcome the possibility of a more serious condition developing if he follows a proper course of action. Whether or not the condition develops into something more serious does not always depend on the patient’s genetics and how close a more serious condition is to developing.

The disease starts with increased folds in the stomach and increased mucus secreted from the stomach lining. A few physical symptoms may include constipation or diarrhea, depending on the internal chemistry of the individual. If the diseases progresses further, acid reflux may occur with all of the other possible symptoms.

When a medical professional diagnoses a patient with this condition in the early stages, the patient can easily take steps to avoid the condition from becoming a more serious problem. The first thing a person can do, if he has not done so already, is to cut down on foods he eats that irritate the stomach lining. This includes sodas, coffees, milks and any other foods to which his particular body chemistry does not respond well. Because the condition occurs before something goes wrong, changing a person’s habits in time can prevent a person from needed more stringent medical services.

A brief cleansing diet, as long as it is performed under the supervision of a doctor, may help the stomach folds to return to their normal consistency. If the condition is not caught soon enough, there is little the patient of the doctor can do but wait to see what it develops into. Because the condition occurs in the internal organs, there is little a person can do about it. The stomach, unlike the heart, is not a muscle, exercise does not help gastritis directly. If the condition is an immune response, exercise may help.

For more information on the hypertrophic gastritis visit today!

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May 26, 2011

Gastritis Healing

The digestive process begins as soon as you begin to smell food. Once you start to smell the food you are about to eat, the body starts to get ready. When the food is in your mouth your salivary glands become active and produce saliva so that your food can moisten. This is what people refer to when they say that something is ‘mouthwatering’. After an adequate amount of chewing, the food is swallowed at the throat after which it travels down the esophagus. To get to the stomach, the food must pass the lower esophageal sphincter of the diaphragm. The food then lands in the stomach where the next step happens.

In the stomach, the food is broken down with stomach acid, also known as gastric acid. This acid is accompanied by enzymes. The acid and enzymes work together to reduce the size of the food particles and soften the food for nutrient extraction. The corrosive nature of the acid easily decomposes food particles. These particles then go to the large and small intestine where the nutrients and proteins in the food are stripped for use in the body. The useless parts of the food are excreted as waste.

The stomach plays a vital role in the digestive process. Any disruption of stomach function can lead to ongoing health problems. Being unable to digest food properly is a major health concern. Due to several factors, you may develop gastritis. Gastritis occurs when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed and irritated. The lining of the stomach protects the stomach from corrosive damage from gastric acid and also houses the cells that produce the acid needed for digestion. If the lining of the stomach is inflamed, acid producing cells will be affected. The lining of the stomach also produces its own protective layer of mucus. Inflammation causes mucus production to be interrupted, thereby causing the stomach lining to be irritated by gastric acid.


Causes of gastritis vary from person to person. One of the major causes of gastritis is alcohol consumption. The corrosiveness of alcohol can eat away at the stomach lining and cause irritation and inflammation. Excessive alcohol consumption is normally what is needed to cause this. Other causes of gastritis include stress, consuming a poisonous substance, surgical operations, disorders, diseases, infections, taking illegal drugs or using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen on a regular basis.


Symptoms of gastritis also vary from person to person. Some people may not even have any symptoms. Common symptoms are nausea, vomiting (sometimes with the presence of blood), loss of appetite, bleeding, erosion of the stomach lining, ulcers, upper abdominal pain, indigestion, and bloody stool.


Healing treatments to cure gastritis should be utilized at the onset of symptoms. Gastritis symptoms that are ignored can lead to chronic gastritis that may last a lifetime. Treatments for gastritis may involve taking antacids, histamine 3 blockers or proton pump inhibitors. By all means you should avoid drinking alcohol and taking medications with ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen.

To learn more about gastritis healing treatments, review The Reflux Remedy Report today.

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February 7, 2011

Gastritis Natural Cure

The natural genuine care of your digestive health can and will cure gastritis. All you really need to know is that your natural healing intelligence is waiting for you to help.

Americans are raised by a dysfunctional educational system based on memorizing data, rather than based on the encouragement and development of introspective research skills.

By simply beginning to question all things you can reverse your gastritis and you can prevent gastritis from ever recurring again.

Another innate problem with American education is that it’s always biased, or slanted toward whomever or whatever is funding it.

Unfortunately the fact is global pharmaceutical companies are funding most all of our top institutions and universities to ultimately help serve their own special interests . . . not yours.

A natural cure for gastritis should not be a mystery to the modern man or woman. It seems the more technologically advanced America becomes, the less informed its citizens become.

Gastritis has a natural cure, but first you need to learn what the main cause of gastritis is. Everyone wants a magical silver bullet pill that makes everything all right. Well, living against the grain of Mama Nature isn’t all right, it’s all wrong and no pill will ever change that fact.

I know if Big Pharma told Americans that there is a magic ‘bluepill’ that will allow them to continue to live the wrong way; most people would take the ‘bluepill’ rather than change.

The terms bluepill and its opposite, redpill, are pop culture terms that have become a common metaphor for the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (bluepill) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (redpill).

The truth is gastritis cannot happen as long as you maintain a natural alkaline pH.

You see excessive alcohol consumption and pharmaceutical dependency are the main culprits behind gastritis; well that and an acid producing diet.

Helicobacter pylori are blamed as the bacteria causing gastritis, yet no one ever points out that there are beneficial bacteria that help your immune system prevent bad bacteria from thriving. All you have to do is help provide a natural alkaline pH balance between 7.25 and 7.4 and Helicobacter pylori can’t even live, let along thrive.

Gastritis is a symptom of acidosis, which is an imbalance of the quality of terrain inside you. Gastritis needs a sick terrain to develop in.

Everything in your body, every cell, tissue and organ except your digestive juices is alkaline . . . the opposite of acidic. When your tissue becomes burdened with acid wastes from poor diet, ONLY then gastritis can develop, along with a host of other unwanted health issues and degenerative diseases.

The natural cure for gastritis is to refuse the metaphorical bluepill of ignorant bliss and take responsibility for helping restore balance through genuine care.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Heartburn Relief





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