January 28, 2011

Indigestion Relief

Indigestion relief and eating right go hand in hand. Indigestion isn’t caused from any one food more than it is simply from over eating and lying down on a full belly.

It is no secret that the Western pattern diet and it’s ‘food pyramid’ were both designed to sell food, not nurture or preserve optimum health.

There are super foods, good foods, neutral foods and poor foods. The Standard American Diet (SAD), promotes mostly ‘sad’,¬†poor and neutral foods at best.

The result is millions of Americans are looking for digestive relief every day. Fact is 65% of Americans are overweight and about 37% are obese because of foods laden with empty calories, food additives and sugar.

All of these processed food types from super markets and fast food franchises tax the body of vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which leads to indigestion and poor health.

In fact indigestion is a symptom of poor diet and failing health.

When seeking relief for indigestion, be careful not to take any antacid gimmicks that cover your symptoms . . . that isn’t real relief. Real relief means your indigestion isn’t going to spring up again or get worse. Antacids have been proven useless and in fact are suspected of making indigestion symptoms eventually worse.

The best way to relieve indigestion is by resorting to eating less, but more often and eating more raw plant-based foods that will alkalize your inner terrain.

The SAD diet depletes you of enzymes, vitamins and their co-factors like potassium and magnesium. Cooked foods require that you make your own enzymes to break down the food into nutrients. Raw plant-based foods carry their own enzymes thus saving yours.

Relief for indigestion is simple but it takes commitment and courage to make the needed dietary and lifestyle changes. Don’t wimp out for the temporary kind of relief, simply cure your indigestion and optimize your health too.

Drinking half your weight in ounces with naturally alkaline water is a great way to improve digestion and relief digestive issues, just be sure to only drink fluids in-between meals to conserve digestive juices . . .that goes for fruits too, it best to eat them in-between meals.

Snacking all day, reducing the size of your meals, hydrating with natural mineral water and eating more raw plants based foods is the key to indigestive relief . . .because you’ll rarely if ever even need relief because you’ll never have indigestion again.


You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Acid Reflux Relief





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January 27, 2011

Chest Pain Indigestion

They call it heart burn because acid indigestion causes pain in your chest right behind your heart.

Your heart is actually located in the center of your chest, right behind your sternum, it’s just that the upper part of your heart is turned a little to the left, even though we’ve been told it’s on the left side.

It’s not unusual for people experiencing chest pain from indigestion to panic, thinking it’s a heart attack.

When your stomach has difficulty digesting large amounts of food, it tends to stretch like a balloon forcing pressure on the large muscle surrounding it.

The chest pain from indigestion is sometimes from this larger muscle, called the diaphragm being forced outward. The chest pain can also be from your stomach being pushed upward toward the opening in the diaphragm where your throat is.

Sometimes the pushing is so strong the stomach literally escapes the surrounding diaphragm, near that opening causing a hiatal hernia . . .

Another cause of chest pain from indigestion is acid reflux, which is when the flap that seal the bottom of your throat, to protect stomach acid from passing upward, get’s over come with pressure.

This produces that burning pain you can feel right behind the heart in the middle of your chest, called heart burn.

All this indigestion and chest pain is from your inability to release pressure and digest food fast enough to empty your stomach.

You can either eat less over all or break your meals down into smaller meals throughout the day, or both.

Some people have chest pain from lack of digestive juices causing undigested food to pile up; others just eat too much through the day, or at the last minute before bed.

Your chest pain may not be a heart attack, but indigestion that triggers chest pain has been known to trigger heart attacks . . .

Also eating a large meal before exerting yourself can cause chest pain too.

So learn to relax, breathe deeply, eat small meals of diverse foods and try to go for a casual walk after eating. Chest pain is a serious issue whether it’s indigestion, poor circulation or a heart attack . . . always see your doctor if it recurs or won’t go away.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 26, 2011

Chronic Indigestion

Acute indigestion is one thing, that’s short term and unpleasant as it is, it isn’t a real big deal. However chronic indigestion is like acute indigestion, accept it lasts much longer and if allowed can consume your whole life.

Also called dyspepsia, chronic indigestion leaves you feeling full, gassy and nauseated . . . not a good place to be.

There are only a few things associated with causing chronic indigestion, so it shouldn’t be difficult to stop it, reverse it and cure it if need be.

Inflammation is a natural immune response that can be triggered by many things. When your throat of stomach is inflamed for long periods of time you will need to reassess everything you do. Is it something you eat on a regular basis, something you smoke or drink, maybe an adverse reaction to a prescriptive drug?

One of the most common causes of inflammation and chronic indigestion is acid reflux, but then again, perhaps the cause of your chronic indigestion is also causing your acid reflux and heart burn symptoms.

Too often people confuse cause for effects . . . remember treating the symptoms of your chronic indigestion isn’t the same as curing your chronic indigestion. Symptoms of chronic indigestion are the effect of whatever is causing your chronic indigestion.

Peptic ulcers are often blamed for causing chronic indigestion, however once again you have to wonder, is your chronic indigestion possibly causing your peptic ulcers? In which case whatever is causing your chronic pain and indigestion is also the cause of your peptic ulcers.

Taking medication, especially pain killers will kill your digestive health.

One more myth I have to bust here is that spicy foods cause chronic indigestion . . . it’s just untrue.

Spicy food doesn’t cause chronic indigestion- eating meals based on the Western pattern diet does.

The Western diet is full of animal protein and fats in large quantities. The ticket to curing your chronic indigestion is to eat smaller portions more often, rather than 2 or 3 large meals a day.

It will take less stomach acid to digest your food. Plus eating more diverse foods will offer a more diverse nutritional profile, feeding your organs more natural sources of enzymes, vitamins and their co-factors.

Animal protein and fats stay in the stomach longer to break down. They also create extra waste your body has to deal with. Eating too much sugar, fat and animal protein will slow down your metabolism and these foods demand your pancreas make the enzymes to break them down. All this places stress on your digestive system.

Chronic indigestion is a result of chronically eating wrong . . . change the way you eat and claim your health back again.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 24, 2011

Home Remedy Acid Indigestion

Are you looking for a home remedy for acid indigestion? If you’re sick of popping pills for your heartburn, you’re not alone. Over the counter heartburn medication is only meant to be taken over the course of two weeks, and not necessarily on a permanent basis, did you know that? Anyway, who wants to be dependent on pills for the rest of their lives?

There are a number of home remedies you can try to relieve your heartburn. Most are fairly simplistic and don’t even require a trip to the drug store.


If you already have heartburn, here are a few things you can try to get rid of it:

  • Try drinking a full glass of water. Although this might seem way to easy to be effective, it does work for some people. It helps to flush out the stomach and dilute acids that might be causing pain.
  • Along those same lines, try adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to your water. That will help neutralize acids and bring you pain relief quickly.
  • Ginger is also known to help with heartburn, among other stomach ailments. You can take it in tea or candied form and find the same relief for your acid indigestion.
  • Papaya is shown to have a digestive enzyme that helps your body break down food, and can reduce acid indigestion significantly. The tablets are small and can be chewed before or after meals to help with heartburn.


If you suffer from frequent acid indigestion, you may be hoping for a more long term solution than just drinking an extra glass of water once heartburn sets in. To help prevent future outbreaks of acid indigestion, try a few of these techniques:

  • Stay away from certain foods. Many people react poorly to certain types of food with regard to acid indigestion. Things like caffeine, alcohol, onions, garlic and citrus are all common food triggers for heartburn. You may have your own triggers, which is why it’s important to track what you eat and when, so that you can understand what upsets your stomach the most and try to moderate your consumption of that item.
  • You can also scale back the amount of food you eat in each sitting. That way you help your body to digest foods more easily, as opposed to consuming a huge amount of food and then dealing with the overproduction of stomach acid (and the subsequent heartburn) as your body attempts to break all that food down.
  • Don’t eat right before you lie down. It may be a routine of yours to take a nap right after dinner, or have a midnight snack, but if you suffer from frequent heartburn you may want to break these habits. See, while you’re up and about, gravity helps keep food and stomach acids down where they belong. But, if you eat right before you lie down, those acids are allowed to creep up into your esophagus and can cause pain and damage. Avoid this by eating at least two hours before you lay down. If circumstances don’t make that possible, prop an extra pillow under your head to keep your esophagus aligned above your stomach.

There are a countless number of ways to approach home remedy for acid indigestion. For more holistic ways to relieve heartburn, check out The Reflux Remedy Report. It focuses on natural ways to neutralize acid and relieve your indigestion pain. Visit today to see how easily you can be heartburn free!

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