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November 17, 2010

Natural Relief for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can hit just about anyone, at anytime.? It can occur occasionally after you?ve had a particularly large, greasy meal, or more frequently becoming disruptive to your daily life. The symptoms can include excessive burping, difficulty swallowing, the feeling that there?s something lodged in your throat, or nausea after eating. Causes are varied, but culprits may be ingestion of fatty foods that the stomach does not have enough hydrochloric acid to deal with; a weakening of the esophageal sphincter (which acts as a gateway through which acid should not pass); hiatal hernias; or esophagitis.

Some of the more popular homeopathic methods for dealing with acid reflux are through the use of lifestyle changes and natural remedies that you can find at a good health food store. For one thing, limit your intake of fatty or processed foods.? They make your stomach work overtime to digest the unnatural substances. Also, try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day; diluting stomach acid can help heal your esophagus to the point where it can be able to do its job correctly again. Try eating smaller meals more frequently, instead of one or two heavy meals in a day; that way your stomach doesn?t have to work so hard to process the little meals. Do not drink alcohol, or greatly curtail your intake. Also, avoid caffeine and try to eat at least few hours before you?re planning on lying down. Gravity will send acid up to your esophageal sphincter, and its job is to keep the acid down, so lying down right after a meal really challenges its ability to do so.

Even controlling the stress in your life is an excellent way to keep stomach acids where they belong.? Stress causes all your systems to go into overdrive, including acid production.? Taking a deep, calming breath can help prevent heartburn pain down the line.

A few dietary supplements are around that might work for you.? These include teas such as chamomile or peppermint, which can soothe the stomach. Eating an apple actually seems to work for some people and barley grass has been shown to be a great acid reducer. Apple cider vinegar, in its organic, unpasteurized state, has been shown to help sufferers, as has pickle juice, orange peel extract, slippery Elm bark, and probiotics.? Papaya enzymes help speed the digestive process, which prevents pressure in the stomach from building to an uncomfortable amount.? Ginger has also been an age old solution for settling an upset stomach, and heartburn is no exception.? Whether it?s tea or candied, it can help relieve pain from acid reflux.

For more information on natural ways to relieve acid reflux, please visit www.refluxremedy.com and read The Reflux Remedy Report.? There you will find a compilation of a huge amount of natural remedies.? The one that will work for you could be waiting for you to discover it today!

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November 12, 2010

Composition of Stomach Acid

The only area inside your body that should be acidic is your stomach acid, every other organ, tissue or cell maintains the opposite effect, which is called alkaline.

Your stomach acid composition is so caustic it has an acidic pH factor of? 2 to 4 . . . zero being the absolute most acidic on the pH scale.

The composition of your stomach acid is so very corrosive it takes special muscles that protect you from one of the most chemically burning substances in the world- your natural stomach acid.

Once you realize how incredibly acidic your stomach acid is, it?s hard to believe it?s constantly produced by your body. In fact the hydrochloric elixir of gastric lava you call your stomach acid is so dangerous it can etch glass.

Diamonds can cut, but actually being so powerful a liquid as to burn glass is amazing.

It?s no wonder millions of people rush to the doctor for some kind of relief for acid reflux. Think of a prescription antacid as a chemical fire extinguisher. Problem is you don?t want to literally extinguish your gastric fire, you simply want to stop it from ?erupting? into a painful chemical flash, ?burning up into your more sensitive oral regions.

The composition of your stomach acid is a blend of powerful salt molecules like sodium chloride (NaCL) at 0.5%, some hydrochloric acid and mostly potassium chloride (KCL).

Potassium chloride is the largest part of Mama Nature?s? cutting edge recipe to stomach acid. Potassium Chloride is sometimes called ?muriate of potash.? It?s interesting to note here that Potassium chloride is used in the chemical execution of criminals that undergo lethal injection, as well as fertilizer and even as a salt substitute in food processing.

Sodium chloride, A.K.A. common table salt, or halite, is the most abundant ionic compound in sea water. The reason common salt works so well as a preservative is that it sucks all the water out of bacteria through ?osmotic pressure.?

Health experts agree that raw ?unprocessed? sea salt is the best way to take sodium chloride because you also get all the other 72 trace ?ionic? minerals necessary for proper cell function.

Sodium chloride becomes toxic? to your cells unless you also have enough potassium to balance it out. Potassium helps pump water into cells, sodium chloride has the opposite effect.

Life can?t exist without minerals, but they have to be in an ?ionic? or charged form. Another example is that ?ionic? calcium, without a balance of ?ionic? magnesium, can become toxic to cells as well. So you can see how raw ?ionic? sea salt would be the best source of ?ionic? minerals now, right?

Truth is your body can?t create the composition of stomach acid without these negatively charged minerals called ?ionic? minerals, or salts.

So remember, you are the salt of the earth, so don?t abuse it . . . properly use it!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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September 21, 2010

Low Stomach Acid Symptoms

Most people who are suffering from GERD and other related conditions will first look into excessive stomach acid as the main cause. While this is indeed a common trigger for GERD, it is important to note that the condition can also be caused by insufficient stomach acids. Low stomach acid symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms caused by excessive amounts of stomach acids, and they can be just as damaging and painful.

Low stomach acid symptoms occur because the entire digestive system relies heavily on hydrochloric acid in order to dissolve the food as it reaches the stomach. When a condition occurs in which a person has an abnormally low amount of stomach acid, the characteristic acid symptoms may result.

Insufficient hydrochloric acid can adversely affect the digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fat in the stomach. When this happens, the stomach is at increased risk of being overrun by bacteria and fungus, both of which are kept in check by stomach acids. Hydrochloric acid also serves the additional function of helping the body absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently.

Even worse than GERD, undigested food that collects in the small intestines and colon can cause an abnormal bacteria buildup as well, and this can cause the liver to absorb too much toxin. This can cause a considerable amount of stress on the system, and a number of health conditions and illnesses may result. Among the low stomach acid symptoms are: fatigue, excessive gas and/or flatulence, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, aches and pain, and mood changes.

If you are looking for a completely natural way to ease the suffering associated with low stomach acid symptoms, the Reflux Remedy Report is a guide well worth looking into. With the help of this collection of tips and advice, numerous people all over the world have already discovered for themselves why natural methods are often the best choices for ridding the body of stomach acid symptoms.

One of the features that make this guide so useful is the organization of these remedies. They are outlined in a step-by-step format, and are very easy to understand. With the help of this guide, you will find proven treatment methods that will help you get rid of low stomach acid symptoms for good, and you do so in a totally natural manner that is free of side effects. The guide also comes with a handy bonus section that offers dozens of reader tips and suggestions on how to get rid of heart-burn related symptoms. Since the guide is available for download you can be well on your way to freeing your body of these ailments within just a few minutes!

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