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April 29, 2011

Reflux Pain

The fourth stage of throat cancer is acid reflux pain and inflammation. As with any health problem be it acid reflux or cancer, it all starts with the loss of cellular energy and gets worse from there.

To heal your acid reflux pain the first thing you need to do is go directly to the root cause of it all . . . no matter what stage your at.

The loss of cellular energy happens when the natural mineral balance of your body becomes acidic.

So if you think your acid reflux is isolated to a stomach acid problem, you just don’t see the big picture. The environment or terrain of your tissue is where it all starts and ends. Your tissue includes your blood, bones and flesh.

In order for you to live a long and healthy life your body tissue has to keep a delicate balance between alkaline and acid called pH.

This pH scale starts at zero, near where you stomach acid is. In fact any pH reading below 7 is considered acid . . . your stomach acid reads around pH 2.

In order to avoid acid reflux pain and inflammation your pH needs to stay between 7.25 and 7.4, which isn’t acid at all. Truth is all your organs need this slightly alkaline pH.

Only your stomach acid and urine should have an acid pH.

Did you know your urine is really dirty blood? It’s acid because it’s full of acid waste. Too much build-up of acid waste means your dehydrated, lack ionic minerals and therefore you are losing cellular energy.

Once you start down this path acid reflux pain and inflammation can’t be far behind.

After loss of cellular energy, metabolism slows, toxins build-up, stress begins to affect normal organ and tissue function, then the pain and inflammation kicks in.

If the root cause of your acid reflux pain isn’t addressed, eventually the flesh lining of your sensitive throat begins to degenerate, actually becoming stiff and leathery, more like the lining of your stomach.

The pain of your acid reflux increases because your throat isn’t made to resist the strong acid pH level of stomach acid . . . the final stage is where the tissue inside your throat begins to mutate and literally becomes the same as your stomach lining.

The pain of acid reflux isn’t limited to just the burning sensation of stomach acid erupting where it doesn’t belong . . .the pain comes from the degeneration, stiffness and mutating cells it ultimately causes.

The final stage of ignoring the cause of your acid reflux pain is throat cancer and then . . . your risk of death increases greatly.

The moral of the story is to never ignore the cause of your acid reflux pain and as you know taking antacids is the same as ignoring the real cause- antacids don’t cure the root cause of acid reflux pain . . . in the end they make it much worse.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 21, 2011

Acid Alkaline Foods

If you value staying healthy, learning more about acid and alkaline foods is one of the most important things you can do to.

The last time you may recall hearing anything about acid or alkaline was probably in science class.

Basically acids and alkaline are opposites.

There is a simple pH scale used to rate how alkaline or acid something is. Of course we are talking about food so nothing will be too acidic to be very corrosive or too alkaline to be caustic.

The scale starts at the acid end represented by zero and ends at the alkaline end at 14, in the middle ZERO is neutral.

The acid and alkaline foods you eat is the most important factor to living a long and healthy life, other than the obvious things like air, water and sunlight or exercise.

When you are healthy the pH of your blood should be very close to 7.25 or 7.4. This is slightly alkaline or salty. Foods that are ‘alkaline producing’ in your body contain trace minerals, which are nutritional cofactors essential for the cellular absorption of vitamins.

Foods that are ‘acid producing’ must be neutralized so that a healthy alkaline balance is maintained. Alkaline foods neutralize acid foods . . .

If you eat too many acid producing foods like animal protein, saturated fats and refined sugars you may use up all your salty minerals that keep you slightly alkaline.

Once your minerals are depleted from your blood a state of low oxygen may set in called acidosis.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and cancer cells crave an acid environment.

If you fail to eat enough plant-based foods which provide cofactors of minerals, enzymes and vitamins, then your immune system is forced to ‘borrow’ salty minerals from your tissues, teeth and bone.

People with high serum calcium have a problem. Their blood is full of calcium, not from eating alkaline plant-based foods, but because the calcium salt has been extracted from your body’s store rooms of minerals.

Eating acid producing foods can bankrupt your body of minerals necessary to make stomach acid. This is why so many people suffer from acid reflux, not because they make too much stomach acid, but rather, because they make too little.

Acid reflux and other health issues can be a simple alkaline food deficiency . . .

Your gallbladder, liver, kidneys and pancreas all depend on you eating alkaline producing foods to provide mineral cofactors, enzymes and nutrients. Eating acid producing foods like milk, which is 87% casein or animal protein, weakens bone density, reduces nutrient absorption and can lead to degenerative disorders like acid reflux disease, hiatal hernia and dastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD.)

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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November 12, 2010

Composition of Stomach Acid

The only area inside your body that should be acidic is your stomach acid, every other organ, tissue or cell maintains the opposite effect, which is called alkaline.

Your stomach acid composition is so caustic it has an acidic pH factor of? 2 to 4 . . . zero being the absolute most acidic on the pH scale.

The composition of your stomach acid is so very corrosive it takes special muscles that protect you from one of the most chemically burning substances in the world- your natural stomach acid.

Once you realize how incredibly acidic your stomach acid is, it?s hard to believe it?s constantly produced by your body. In fact the hydrochloric elixir of gastric lava you call your stomach acid is so dangerous it can etch glass.

Diamonds can cut, but actually being so powerful a liquid as to burn glass is amazing.

It?s no wonder millions of people rush to the doctor for some kind of relief for acid reflux. Think of a prescription antacid as a chemical fire extinguisher. Problem is you don?t want to literally extinguish your gastric fire, you simply want to stop it from ?erupting? into a painful chemical flash, ?burning up into your more sensitive oral regions.

The composition of your stomach acid is a blend of powerful salt molecules like sodium chloride (NaCL) at 0.5%, some hydrochloric acid and mostly potassium chloride (KCL).

Potassium chloride is the largest part of Mama Nature?s? cutting edge recipe to stomach acid. Potassium Chloride is sometimes called ?muriate of potash.? It?s interesting to note here that Potassium chloride is used in the chemical execution of criminals that undergo lethal injection, as well as fertilizer and even as a salt substitute in food processing.

Sodium chloride, A.K.A. common table salt, or halite, is the most abundant ionic compound in sea water. The reason common salt works so well as a preservative is that it sucks all the water out of bacteria through ?osmotic pressure.?

Health experts agree that raw ?unprocessed? sea salt is the best way to take sodium chloride because you also get all the other 72 trace ?ionic? minerals necessary for proper cell function.

Sodium chloride becomes toxic? to your cells unless you also have enough potassium to balance it out. Potassium helps pump water into cells, sodium chloride has the opposite effect.

Life can?t exist without minerals, but they have to be in an ?ionic? or charged form. Another example is that ?ionic? calcium, without a balance of ?ionic? magnesium, can become toxic to cells as well. So you can see how raw ?ionic? sea salt would be the best source of ?ionic? minerals now, right?

Truth is your body can?t create the composition of stomach acid without these negatively charged minerals called ?ionic? minerals, or salts.

So remember, you are the salt of the earth, so don?t abuse it . . . properly use it!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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