December 7, 2010

Hiatal Hernia Chiropractic Treatment

If you have a Hiatal Hernia, chiropractic treatment might be a good solution for you. It can help keep you from going under the knife or being over medicated. However, it’s not the cheapest solution.

Hiatal Hernia

A hernia happens in the body when an organ becomes dislocated and forced into an area where it doesn’t normally reside. This puts pressure on surrounding organs and can have fairly detrimental consequences. When this happens in the stomach, it’s called a Hiatal Hernia.

There are two types of Hiatal hernias, the sliding Hiatal Hernia and the para-esophageal Hiatal Hernia. The sliding Hiatal Hernia is extremely common, and happens when a portion of the stomach is forced through an opening in the diaphragm and into the area where the esophagus is supposed to be. A more worrisome Hiatal Hernia is the para-esophageal Hiatal hernia, which involves the upper portion of the stomach being pushed up next to the esophagus, and putting pressure on it from the outside. This can cause a blockage and prevent food from progressing through the digestive tract.


Most people with a Hiatal Hernia don’t experience symptoms, but if you do they will mimic heartburn. This includes a painful burning sensation in the chest, burping and indigestion. Some people may also experience pain due to stomach spasms, but this symptom should not be confused with a heart attack.

Hiatal Hernia chiropractic treatment

Physically massaging or pushing the hernia back into place is one of the many ways you can try to help your Hiatal Hernia to heal. A Hiatal Hernia massage can be performed by your chiropractor or by you. It involves massaging the area just below your breast bone, or sternum. Massage the area in a circular pattern, making sure to push down, which will help get the herniated stomach back into position. This should be done initially just a few times, and then as you become more used to it three times a day for a minute each.

If you go to your chiropractor for Hiatal Hernia treatment, a similar procedure is performed, except all at once instead of over a period of weeks.

Other options

Seeing a chiropractor isn’t your only option to help repair your Hiatal Hernia. While surgery is rarely necessary to treat a Hiatal Hernia, sometimes medication can help reduce the amount of acid in the stomach, which will allow the area to heal. However, this approach can be done naturally as well, saving you money on expensive prescriptions.

For example, simply change your eating habits a bit to help reduce stress on your stomach and keep it from producing too much acid. Consume smaller meals more frequently, rather than eating large meals in just a few sittings.

Or watch what you eat. Avoid foods that are known to cause heartburn for you. Increased acid in your stomach can do nothing but slow the healing process for your hernia.

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Hiatal Hernia chiropractic treatment is one way to get relief from Hiatal Hernia pain; however it’s not the only one! Be sure to explore all your options before you commit to something costly.

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December 26, 2011

Michael Mitchell @ 9:28 am

I recently had a chirpractor perform an adjustment to help with hiatal hernia. I am now experiencing lack of appetite, constant stomach rumbling, constant gas, and some dysphagia. I have trouble eating anything other than really small meals. Can this treatment cause any serious damage or is my stomach just very irritate ??

March 18, 2015

vickie @ 9:46 pm

Wish to know how to reverse the position of the hiatal hernia. Can exercise do it? Can it be done instrumentally through the esophagus?

May 17, 2015

sally @ 11:47 pm

hiatal hernia seems to be linked to the my disc problem in my back,,, not sure but I have pain in my breastbone and in my back at he same area,,, I have tried apples and apple cider vinegar and baking soda in warm water to address the acid naturally because I do not wan to use the poision the docs have to prevent acid all together ,, I had it yrs ago and it started again due to exersizing too hard and now I cant get my heria to go back down and stay down…any suggestions are welcome,,, sincerely Sally

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