December 13, 2010

Treatment of Acid Reflux

According to current U.S. laws that the American Medical Association (AMA) have lobbied to establish in America, it?s illegal for anyone to sell you any natural treatment or cure. Not that in any way it is bad for someone to provide you with a natural treatment or cure for your acid reflux, but because the AMA just doesn?t tolerate any competition.

Natural treatments and cures for acid reflux, heartburn and acid indigestion have been passed down to The American people for thousands of years, it?s part of our inherited culture of family values, which includes grandma?s acid reflux treatment.

Since when has big business become our master? I don?t know about you, but I find this current situation very upsetting. The treatments for acid reflux that are allowed by the AMA are limited to only drug treatments . . . that?s all.

If you suffer from acid reflux you already know these chemical products or drugs, so authoritively sponsored by the AMA, do NOT cure acid reflux. Truth is Proton-pump inhibitor drugs cause a new dis-ease called acid rebound disease. Acid rebound is a side effect of addictive proton-pump inhibitors that mess your body up, making your acid reflux symptoms many times worse, often leading to gastro-esophageal reflux dis-ease (GERD) or worse.

Don?t just take my word for it. Decide right now to investigate everything yourself, do your ?due diligence? and you will see, the truth is sometimes a scary thing but . . . never as bad as living with the lies.

Conventional Western medical treatments for acid reflux symptoms block the symptoms, but that is NOT a cure. The root cause of your acid reflux needs to be treated naturally, or your acid reflux symptoms will get worse.

Before you settle for any medical treatments for acid reflux, first try natural scientific treatments based on thousands of years of evidence and naturally happy, healthy people.

Western medicine is a front for making profits for share holders off sick and suffering people. The whole idea of Western and Eastern medicine is a myth. It?s just the new way corporations compete and brand their products on a global market, at your expense.

Food is medicine and medicine is food, whether you are North, South, East or West.

By forbidding any other ?alternative? treatments form ancient cultures like Ayurvedic, Chinese acupuncture and Amerindian, Western medicine has limited your choices.

Since when can a vender of a product limit your choices? Isn?t that called a monopoly?

Last I checked, tyranny was still illegal in America.

Medical treatments for acid reflux that don?t involve lifestyle and dietary changes are useless. In fact, just making lifestyle modifications yourself could be the best treatment for acid reflux of all.

Great men learn by observing nature and no one should be able to stop you from doing that. Observe nature and you?ll find the best natural treatment for your acid reflux, in fact the right natural treatment, combined with diet and lifestyle changes will cure you of your acid reflux symptoms, simply because you eliminated the root cause of acid reflux. Western medical treatment is primarily concerned with chemically treating your symptoms, not removing the cause of your acid reflux.

I hope you can see the difference between natural and unnatural treatment for acid reflux better now.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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