December 17, 2010

Natural Remedies Acid Reflux

Natural remedies for acid reflux are illegal under U.S. drug law.

Does that surprise you?

Truth is all natural remedies are illegal according the government laws that protect the conventional medical industry in this free country. I’m not saying anyone should just go play doctor, on the contrary I’m saying everyone has a right to be their own physician. Naturally if you want to make medicine your profession, you should get a big loan and go to school starting at a young age and get a doctorate in the health field of your choice . . . then start helping people with natural remedies.

Now if you, like me simply want to cure your own acid reflux, improve your overall health and extend your lifespan, that’s completely up to you. When I see doctors taking the medicine they prescribe and living to 120 years of age, dis-ease free, then we could have a totally different conversation today.

You can have your own natural remedies healing experience.

The fact is many doctors are fat, unhealthy and wouldn’t take half the advice they sell to the public. Yes, I am upset that natural remedies from acid reflux to cancer are being attacked in America, and you should be too! Yet the big gig goes on . . . all the while people of all ages are unnecessarily suffering from acid reflux to throat cancer.

Not only are drugs for acid reflux expensive, they don?t do what natural remedies do. Drugs for acid reflux do the “opposite” of what natural remedies do. Drugs are toxic and have nasty effects on people, plus they can actually make your acid reflux worse, and doctors know this!

This isn’t a personal attack on doctors, I know a lot of wonderful doctors and they are all mad at the system. They know acid reflux can be remedied naturally, but they are not allowed to tell you that. The politics of big insurance companies owned by big drug companies is in a race to socialize American medicine so their drug futures are kept secure. That’s not a theory; it’s a daily reality in America.

Yes, it’s a big ugly mess and all you want is a natural remedy for your acid reflux or whatever else ails you, I know. You don?t need all this political drama, illness and high taxes.

If natural remedies became a way of life, like it used to be in America more than 100 years ago, before the American Medical Association launched its monopoly against it all . . . we’d save at least $90 billion a year.

$90 billion, at least, is spent killing more than 106,000 people in hospitals every year with “properly” administered medicine. Look it up, it’s a published fact. Natural remedies are what this country was raised on until the attack against American cultural heritage.

Grandma’s natural remedies for acid reflux are as natural as a big red apple orchard and sense it worked for her great grandmother’s great grandmother that same natural remedy will work for the millions of Americans with acid reflux still today.

Support your country and share natural remedies with your grandchildren- it’s your natural inheritance.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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