February 15, 2011

Treatment of Heartburn

Start your own Self Health Revolution and join the popular movement for the freedom to be healed and heal naturally.

The conventional treatment of simple heartburn is only changing the symptoms but leaving the cause of heartburn unchecked, un addressed and unhealed.

There seems to be a battle over whether you should be allowed to heal yourself naturally as an alternative to being regulated by prescriptive allopathic care.

You want to be more than symptoms free . . . you want to be beyond ever having heartburn again, right?

So why start taking even over-the-counter (OTC) drugs? You already know OTC drugs are the gateway to stronger prescriptive drugs.

Heartburn is a mega billion dollar business, take my word for it.

Why is that you might ask? Should the news get out, then you?d know ?little old heartburn is a gateway health problem.?

It leads to worse things than just a case of heartburn.

Typically the treatment of heartburn requires you taking prescriptive strength antacid blocker or Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) and surgery for the rest of your live . . . as you were a member of the Old Boys Club or something.

The conventional treatment of heartburn means following a protocol of drugs.

It’s ironic because the cure for heartburn and the rest of it is most likely nutritional.

Why chose to even look down the chemical pathway of medicine when you first haven?t even embraced natural healing alternatives . . . time-tested scientifically verified natural healing alternatives.

The treatment of heartburn is a step down from healing naturally. You first must address the cause of your heartburn or acid indigestion by replenishing your cells with whole food sourced nutrition.

Eat lots of it all day long.

Raw food can help prevent you from ever thinking you might need treatment for heartburn.

You need to have an epiphany, a metanoia or a brilliant stroke of insight. Realize your own self health revolution by learning to nurture the natural cure for heartburn.

Treating heartburn as a gateway disease puts the risk of ignoring your heartburn in perspective doesn’t it?

Follow the natural pathway to the root of your heartburn as an alternative treatment and you’ll see your heartburn go away once and for all.


You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Heartburn Relief





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