February 28, 2011

Curing Acid Reflux

Curing your acid reflux and balancing your digestive and enteric systems is the same thing.

Acid reflux is simply a disorder that started with a basic digestive imbalance, which was allowed or sometimes encouraged to get worse.

Acid reflux is the same as heartburn and will lead to acid rebound if treated with Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), instead of being addressed at the root cause.

Acid reflux can’t be cured by treating the symptoms. Only by addressing the root cause of your acid reflux can it ever be cured.

The physician’s job is to help you help the natural healing process along. At least that used to be the physicians goal . . . to first do no harm.

Bottom line is drugs do harm. Not only do toxins from drugs interfere with your kidneys to keep them inside your cells, drug treatments also discourage you from addressing the root cause of your acid reflux, or whatever you suffer from . . . delaying your cure and in most cases actually preventing your cure.

Curing acid reflux isn’t a mystery and it also isn’t a big business, in fact there is little if any money involved in curing your acid reflux.

You can’t patent natural cures, so there is no real marketplace for acid reflux cures.

Curing acid reflux is simply bad business because there is zero profit and no return customer.

On the other hand acid reflux drugs, designed to block acid reflux symptoms, are a huge and very profitable business.

The only person who benefits from you curing your acid reflux, heartburn and acid indigestion is you and your family.

Actually curing your acid reflux benefits your community indirectly as well by keeping healthcare costs very low.

Too bad treating your acid reflux is such a big business. If the acid reflux drugs weren’t so insanely profitable we would all enjoy affordable genuine healthcare through natural cures, instead of a very costly disease care management system.

Not curing your acid reflux harms you, harms your family and costs the community money, but the pharmaceutical companies feed off your acid reflux misery.

It’s no theory, it’s clearly a acid reflux conspiracy . . .the best thing you can do is get to the root of your acid reflux issues and cure it as soon as possible.


You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 18, 2012

saimashams @ 5:42 am

I am a 26 year old female. I was diagnosed with GERD some three months back. When ever i eat anything i got burps and feels something chocking feeling in thraot.I was given eso by doctor. I has my endoscopy which shows everything normal except for weakened les. Right now i am on pantoprazole 40mg. The chocking feeling has much improved but i feel heart burn. Please help me out i am just sick of it.



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