March 10, 2011

Stop Acid Reflux

How do you stop acid reflux naturally?

You already know how to make it unnaturally worse . . . so why not try something completely different . . . different from what keeps causing your acid reflux.

Your acid reflux is caused by you ignoring it because you?re only trying to stop the symptoms.

If you have a leaking water pipe in your wall and it kept ruining your drywall, would you repair the dry wall without fixing the leaking water pipe behind it all?

Of course not.

So tell me then why is your health any different?

You can stop your acid reflux when you start taking care of what is causing it.

Sometimes a solution is so obvious that it’s over looked. Treating the symptoms of your acid reflux without addressing the real underlying cause won’t stop it.

Sometimes the solution is the problem, especially when millions of people blindly follow a medical procedure, while ignoring all the science.

You can stop your acid reflux by using genuine care and by nurturing your digestive health at the cellular level.

You can stop your acid reflux naturally by simply reversing the way you think about it.

Optimize your ability to digest food and your acid reflux will stop.

Learn how to increase your ability to absorb nutrition from your food and your acid reflux will stop.

STOP blocking the warning signals of a weakening immune system and start listening to them . . . nothing can change at the symptom level, so move on and use a natural remedy to stop your acid reflux issues instead.

Your symptoms of acid reflux are not the reason you are suffering, you are suffering because you have lost your natural sense of balance . . . balance in what you eat . . . balance in why you eat . . . balance in when you eat.

Eating is the most natural function you have . . . and it’s been perverted by the convenience of a packaged food industry. Your health is sacred, so why shouldn’t your food be too?

Stop shadow boxing with your own health by depending on gimmicks and drugs. If you lose your health all the money in the world won?t buy it back. Your health is a gift, cherish it. Stop your acid reflux by caring about how you digest and absorb nutrients, select what you eat and learn what you really need . . . change can only take place at the thinking level.

Stop behaving as if you have no choice . . . your acid reflux is a result of poor decisions . . . so start making better ones and stop the cause of your acid reflux at the root level. It?s honestly that simple my friend.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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