March 16, 2011

Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn home remedies have been used as folk medicine for thousands of years. If you’re looking for safe, effective and time-tested home remedies for your heartburn you’re going to be better off than most people who jump up and start popping Over-The-Counter (OTC) antacids.

Get Rid of Heartburn Over-The-Counter (OTC) antacids are a far cry from a natural home remedy for heartburn. What they are is a recipe for disaster.

Antacids are chocked full of extra ingredients, some listed and some not listed and none of them are nutrients.

If it’s not a nutrient, it’s a toxin . . . at least that’s how your immune system will see it. Recently tons of antacids were recalled only because someone noticed some wood splinters, glass and other floor sweepings in them. Hmmmm, I wonder how many of those kinds of contaminants get consumed everyday without being noticed.

Eating glass, wood chips and floor sweepings may sound natural, but it’s a far cry from a natural home remedy.

Your heartburn is a case of simple acid indigestion and if you’ve noticed you’re getting heartburn upset more often than you used to, the first thing you want to do, as a home remedy, is to start eating at home more often. I mean eating proper, healthy foods prepared with loving care . . . at home.

I can’t think of a better home remedy than addressing the heartburn issue at the root cause, which is undernutrition. Fast food is the opposite of a home remedy for heartburn; it is the cause, the instigator, the culprit.

Now if Grandma’s homemade recipe for spaghetti gives you heartburn, you either eat too much or your digestive system was put out of balance long before you eat her home cooked meal.

Home remedies for any ailment, whether its heartburn or cancer, use what used to be common sense . . .it’s more rare nowadays, that’s why they’re called home remedies.

There didn’t used to be any mystery surrounding a good home cooked pot of chicken soup, or even a home brewed herbal beer. The modern world was weaned on the peasant lifestyle . . . it’s the exclusive left brain thinking of the medical elitists that messed it all up.

If empirical medicine was all that they claim it to be, your heartburn wouldn’t be a medical issue. You’d simple chew on a specific home remedy root, grass or fruit in between your meals and it would be cured, relieved and over with.

The fact that home remedies have all but been outlawed by the business of dis-ease management is a tragedy. Becoming nutritionally literate will lead you to the cornucopia of home remedies for heartburn to cancer and everything in-between.

Bottom-line is if you have the power to make yourself sick with heartburn, or any dis-ease, you also have the power to make yourself well.


You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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