March 20, 2011

Home Remedy for Heartburn

It’s interesting that you worded your Internet search that way, ‘Home remedy for heartburn.’ It tells me why you’re here and that it’s by no accident you are here reading this . . . you are finally taking charge of your health and that means starting with your heartburn.

Home Remedy for HeartburTruth is if you suffer from recurring heartburn and acid indigestion you do need to return ‘home’ for the remedy. Metaphorically speaking, home for your health means restoring harmony and that begins in your gut.

Scientists now know that your gut is actually your second brain. The same molecular messengers your brain makes are also made in your gut. This is where you’ll find your home remedy, somewhere between the vast wiring of your brain and your central nervous system is your enteric nervous system . . .this home base, where your immune system comes from, in your gut.

If you have recurring heartburn, you probably already know all the antacids in the world just don’t help; in fact for a lot of heartburn sufferers taking antacids can make things even worse.

A home remedy for heartburn is really anything that replenishes and soothes your enteric nervous system and you know as well as I, if your gut is happy you?re happy.

Funny how we don’t know what we had until we lose it, I guess that’s why we say, ‘There’s no place like home.’

Truth is people love to eat and by all rights we should, but the problem is the business of fast food has usurped that, they manipulated that pleasurable culinary necessity we call dining into some kind of abomination.

Fast foods that cause heartburn are nothing but refined sugars, salts and artificial additives that make you chemically dependent on these so-called food products, when in reality all they are is tasty chemicals.

Bottom line there is nothing out there like a home remedy. A home remedy for heartburn is simply returning to eating nutritious real foods.

You see, your heartburn really is a dis-ease of undernutrition.

Your gut needs plenty of ionic minerals, vitamins and enzymes fast food-stuff simply cannot deliver. Your heartburn remedy is all about returning home, home to do the right thing.

In a way your heartburn and its remedy is a story of the prodigal stomach. You’ve been experimenting with all the edible wonders of the world, good and bad, but mostly bad and now you’ve realized that you’ve lost touch with why you eat in the first place . . . your original gut instincts.

Nothing tastes better than food that provides the nutrients you need to feel healthy.

A full stomach is no match for a healthy gut. The real home remedy you’re looking for starts with you deciding you want to eliminate heartburn from your life forever.

Home remedies are a serious matter because they allow us to exercise our will to thrive . . . so address the root cause of your heartburn naturally and bring your health back home where you belong.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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