July 7, 2011

Stress And Acid Reflux

As of right now, researchers are unsure of the exact link between stress and acid reflux. However, there is truth to the statement that stress can cause acid reflux. While the exact relationship between stress and acid reflux is unknown, there are several different factors that can cause a relationship between the two. Those individuals who tend to stress will typically consume comfort foods. These comfort foods are usually foods that are not particularly healthy choices. In many cases, comfort food includes greasy and fried foods. Foods that are greasy will usually cause acid reflux.

For some people, smoking cigarettes is a way to relieve stress. Smoking is very well known to cause acid reflux in individuals. When an individual is stressed, it takes longer for their stomach to digest the food that they have consumed throughout the day. When food takes a while to digest in the stomach, it remains in the stomach much longer than usual. When that food is not properly digested, acid reflux may occur.

It has been proven that stress can alter the habits of an individual. This individual may end up eating more, smoking more, and not taking proper care of themselves. The individual may also end up consuming alcohol which can also cause acid reflux in some people. The fact that stress alters the habit of someone is another way that stress related to acid reflux in an indirect way. In a way, much of the research that has been done to prove the relationship between acid reflux and stress shows that it is not the stress that is directly related to the acid reflux. Instead, it is more so the types of things people do while stressed that tend to cause the acid reflux.

A person who may be suffering from acid reflux caused indirectly by stress should take time to consider what it is in their life that is causing the stress. There are so many different reasons why someone may feel stressed. Whether it is work, school, relationships, or other situations, the individual will need to find productive ways to help reduce the stress in order to also reduce the acid reflux. There are several methods to relieving stress that do not involve smoking or overeating unhealthy foods.

While it is best to avoid stress altogether, that is not always possible. There is always some sort of stressful situations that can and will arise throughout life. One beneficial way to relieve that unwanted stress is through exercise. Exercising for just one hour a day is not only a great way to relieve the stress, it is also good for the health of an individual. Meditation has also been practiced and used as a means of reducing stress by many different people. By reducing the stress with various healthier methods, the individual is much less likely to suffer from acid reflux because they will no longer be using unhealthy methods to cope with their stress. For more information on stress relief and acid reflux feel free to download the Reflux Remedy Report at refluxremedy.com today!

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