August 2, 2011

Diet for Reflux Sufferers

Acid Reflux DietPerhaps for acid reflux symptoms, especially heartburn, the age-old adage crediting an apple a day with keeping the doctor away might ring true. For, contrary to popular opinion, acid reflux is not simply caused by too much acid in the stomach. What?s more, for frequent or severe symptoms, popping antacids or taking prescription drugs is unlikely to bring lasting relief in the form of a cure.

Heartburn occurs when stomach juices containing acid move upwards into the esophagus, the tube connecting throat and stomach. When the sphincter muscle at the tube?s base relaxes or fails to close tightly behind food passing into the stomach, digestive acids can reverse direction; moving upward, they create searing, burning pain equated with being on fire, hence the term heartburn. Frequent occurrences not only damage the esophagus, but the cumulative effects begin to sabotage everyday activities, including restful sleep. As these symptoms often inspire scurrying for pharmaceutical relief, over- the- counter and by prescription, sometimes with unwanted side-effects, examining some natural approaches makes sense.

Increasingly, results indicate that making dietary and lifestyle changes may greatly relieve symptoms, but more importantly perhaps, provide the basis for curing a grave problem. Indeed, when pronounced heartburn occurs more than twice a week, it is diagnosed as the more serious gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD, for short. Thus, an apple in place of an Rx may prove important in finding solutions for various forms of acid reflux plaguing over 40% of American adults.

Diet alterations, an easy place to begin, comprise a significant natural treatment option for reducing heartburn symptoms. Not only are there certain foods to avoid, but also tried-and- true tips for when and how to eat the preferred selections. Instead of skipping meals, then wolfing down super-sized ones, 4 or 5 evenly-spaced small meals seem more suited to preventing an overfilled stomach. Big meals, conversely, contribute to increased stomach volume and pressure that may cause acidic contents to splash upwards towards the esophagus. When big meals are unavoidable, nevertheless, putting space between them and bedtime is best.

Most importantly, a high-fiber diet should be the mainstay of reflux sufferers. With whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, primarily unprocessed plant-foods, the focus of their eating regimes, sufferers are 20% less likely to experience acid reflux symptoms, regardless of body weight. That is certainly one promising reason to eat more apples.

On the other hand, high-fat dairy products and meats like ice cream and hamburgers, extremely irritating and acid forming, should be avoided. Choose instead such items as turkey, skim-milk, low-fat yogurt and cheese. Likewise, greasy, peppery, or fried concoctions which weaken the esophageal sphincter muscle and permit the upward movement of stomach acids are unworthy choices. Additional muscle-weakening foods from which to abstain include chocolate, peppermint, caffeine, alcohol. In terms of beverages, drinking water at meal?s end dilutes and washes down any wayward stomach acids. Conversely, alcoholic drinks, coffee of all sorts, caffeinated tea, and colas may incite heartburn because of their tendency to increase stomach acid content; and juices in the tomato or citrus families can irritate an already damaged esophagus. Sodas, likewise, are poor choices; they bloat the abdomen, creating undue stomach pressure causing acids to splash upwards, the opposite direction desired.

Finally, while dietary changes often reduce the problem, they won’t cure acid reflux for good. That is where some other proven natural methods, not expensive symptom-masking drugs, might be worth a try. Undoubtedly, though, a better diet is integral to being in control of acid reflux, providing a firm foundation upon which to build its cure. After all, while alleviating symptoms is desirable, a temporary or ‘quick fix’ does not equal a lasting remedy. For more diet suggestions for acid reflux sufferers visit Reflux Remedy at today!

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