September 19, 2011

Cause of Acid Indigestion

There are millions of Americans that suffer from acid indigestion on a regular basis and many do not know what triggers it or how to treat it. While there are many different triggers, they are not always the same for everyone. Indigestion for some people may be triggered by eating spicy foods, while the trigger for other people may be stress. Some other popular foods that can cause indigestion are caffeine, chocolate, fried foods, alcohol, tomato-based foods, and citrus. Along with certain foods and stress causing indigestion for people, it can also be caused by wearing tight clothing or eating too close to bedtime.

While these triggers can vary from person to person, the treatments for indigestion are usually similar for all people that are affected. For the food items that can be triggers, you can simply avoid them or consume them less often in order to control the indigestion. If eating too close to bedtime is causing the discomfort, then it is recommended that you eat at least two hours prior to going to bed. This will allow the foods to fully digest prior to you going to bed.

Along with these options, it is also possible for exercise to aid in the pain of indigestion. Often times the people that suffer the most with indigestion are the people that are overweight. Perhaps this is because some of the foods that are most likely to cause the problem are foods that are not healthy and have a higher fat content. The easiest exercise for most people to do is to go for walks regularly. Walking just thirty minutes a day can help a person to lose a considerable amount of weight. Keeping active will also help your body to feel healthier. When you keep your body functioning properly, the odds of having the recurrent indigestion will be considerably lower.

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