November 1, 2011

Stop Heartburn

Almost everyone has had the unpleasant condition commonly called “heartburn” at some time or other. Of course when you have heartburn your heart is not really on fire, although the burning sensation you feel in the chest when heartburn strikes may make you feel as though it was! Heartburn sensations can also be felt in the throat and quite often strike at inconvenient times, like at night when you are trying to sleep.

Taking a common antacid medication is usually an effective remedy for the occasional mild attack. But regular use of antacids can result in unpleasant side effects such as upset stomach, high blood pressure and even ulcers. Therefore the best way to deal with heartburn is to try to avoid getting it in the first place, or if that fails, to try treating it by using more natural means.

Our lifestyle choices can have a major impact on the degree to which one suffers from heartburn. People who are overweight have a higher tendency for heartburn, so modifying your diet to lose weight can make a real difference. There are things we eat and drink which can generate excess acid in the stomach, so reducing or eliminating them from your diet can be very helpful. Citrus fruits in small amounts do not pose much of a problem, but fried foods containing saturated fats should be avoided. Food that is very spicy, like chillies and curries as well as sugary foods all tend to produce excess acid. Eating a lot of food at one time can also encourage heartburn, so smaller, more frequent meals are advised. To avoid nighttime heartburn stop eating at least two hours before going to bed. Drinking alcohol and caffeine are also not helpful.

But what if you take these measures but you still end up with heartburn anyway? Before resorting to antacids, try some simple natural cures first. As soon as you begin experiencing symptoms, drink a large glass of water. This will immediately dilute some of the acid in your stomach. Then follow that up with some ginger and cinnamon tea with honey. Equally effective may be two tablespoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water. Apples appear to be the fruit most helpful in avoiding heartburn. Ripe bananas are also effective, but green ones are not and can even make it worse. Artichokes, peppermint oils and licorice extract have also been known to be helpful.

Heartburn is a condition you can learn to control with the right lifestyle choices and with the help of natural remedies. What works best for you can be determined over time and with the help of those who are experienced with relieving heartburn. We at Reflux Remedy are ready to offer you our expertise in guiding you towards the techniques that will help to avoid and relieve this annoying condition. So don’t spend anymore sleepless nights suffering from heartburn, by visiting us today at to find out the safe and natural way to control heartburn.

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