September 9, 2008

Natural Health Revolution For Acid Reflux And Holistic Health Sprouts Social Roots

Holistic Treatment for Acid Reflux Disease

Towering Healthcare Costs, Harmful Pharmaceutical Side Effects And A Strong Desire For Natural Solutions Are Transforming Social Networks Into Valuable Resource Platforms.

A new forum specifically designed to help support health rights advocates emerged on the Internet this Labor Day. Founder Joe Barton says, ?A new way of social networking and resourcing is on the horizon. People want to share their personal healing experiences.?

Joe goes on further to say, ?We live in a world hungry for lost cultural heritage, natural remedy secrets and ancient healing wisdom. It?s only natural to want to help others and this new website serves as a platform for knowledgeable individuals to get the word out.?

Joe continues, ?This will be a unique source of healthy information. Whether you are wondering which foods help prevent Acid Reflux, how to naturally lose weight or get rid of painful kidney stones without resorting to harmful drugs. This social site will help you find your answer.?

Joe Barton Publishing Inc. has been helping people find alternative solutions to stubborn health issues since 2001. They believe you can discover natural remedies that may already be in right in your kitchen cupboard or even at your local grocer.

Martin Jacobse, an independent Medical Investigator states that, ?This new breed of social networking is part ?the self health revolution? and is transforming the world all around us.?? Mr. Jacobse believes is the first one of many emerging health sites that is simply a sign of the times.

Jacobse points out, ?When prescription drug use is rampant, antibiotics are over used and hospital related illnesses like MRSA seem to be popping out of the woodwork, people see the traditional systems failing.?

?Millions of people are returning to the more natural path for healing, they?re turning to ?popular wisdom? to guide them to a healthier existence,? said Joe Barton.

Join Us Today!
Joe Barton Founder Barton Natural Health

As an exclusive member you will be able to meet new friends, get support, and find answers from individuals who have successfully used holistic health as an alternative to prescription drugs.

This Revolutionary Social site is running as a Limited Time FREE Membership. Once you are a member you will never have to pay a cent.

You must hurry . . . this offer will not last much longer!

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March 4, 2009

Holistic Healer @ 7:23 pm

I recently had my acid reflux healed through holistic means and it is the best decision I have ever made. If you are on the fence about it I implore you to try it. You won’t regret your decision!

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