January 11, 2010

Three Ways to Naturally Treat Heartburn

The vast majority of people who suffer from chronic heartburn are under the mistaken belief that they must consume massive amounts of chalky antacids if they hope to find relief. However, there are many alternative ways in which sufferers can actually cure heartburn instead of simply masking the symptoms for a short time.

In fact, natural heartburn remedies can actually be more effective than antacids precisely because they treat the underlying cause of heartburn rather than temporarily neutralizing the refluxed acid. By learning to treat this disease naturally, you won?t have to worry about your heartburn returning. Here are a few heartburn home remedies to get you started.

Natural Heartburn Remedies

1. Ground red pepper is an effective heartburn remedy. It may seem odd to treat heartburn with a spice, but it works very well. The prevailing belief is that the spicy pepper works because it reduces the sensitivity of the nerves in the digestive tract.

Red pepper has been known to cause a burning sensation during defecation, so moderation is important. You should not ingest anymore than 500mg of red pepper with each of your meals in the beginning. Once you have a stronger grasp of your tolerance, you can adjust the dosage accordingly. However, you should not take more than 2,500mg a day as this will decrease the effectiveness of this remedy over time.

2. Extract of artichoke leaves is another effective heartburn home remedy. This can be found at almost any health food store. It works to relieve many of the minor symptoms of heartburn as well as acid reflux disease.

3. Chamomile tea has long been used as a remedy for insomnia, but it is also very useful in the treatment of heartburn. As a natural relaxant, chamomile tea works to ease the digestive tract, treating heartburn. It will also coat and soothe an upset stomach.

Deciding how Best to Treat Heartburn

If heartburn is something you experience every now and again, then over-the-counter antacids are a good choice to treat the condition. However, if acid reflux has become a part of your everyday life, you should consider natural heartburn remedies. Everything you need to successfully treat heartburn can be found at your local health food store.

These are just a few of the natural options that are open to those who are looking for natural ways to treat heartburn. To learn everything you need to know about heartburn home remedies, please visit our website. Our Reflux Remedy Report will show you the most effective ways to cure acid reflux in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. We are so sure that our information will have you feeling better in a matter our hours that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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