September 15, 2010

Antacids: Their Effect On Stomach Acid

It?s estimated more than 6 million people in the US habitually take antacids.

The fear is that these antacids cause more harm than good, internally bleeding is only one of the adverse effects of taking these stomach acid products.

Generally, most people have the misunderstanding that these anti-stomach-acid gimmicks somehow protect the stomach. Instead they can cause an extreme amount of harm.

Researchers of Stanford University revealed those people eating antacids and H2-blockers actually experienced more than DOUBLE the serious gastrointestinal problems than people who took plain sugar pills (placebo).

The Great Antacid Cover-Up

Frankly, the health issue is also an ethics issue simply because millions of people are treating symptoms of acid indigestive problems in an attempt to cover them up, instead of seeking effective treatments.

This misleading advertising and selling of over-the-counter antacids encourages people with stomach acid problems to delay addressing the root cause until the digestive issues worsen.

Another medical concern is that another study from the Oklahoma college of Medicine reported most antacid customers suffer from other, often worse medical conditions. Gastroenterologists point out that blocking or neutralizing digestive acid production masks ?alarm symptoms.?

A well known Swedish study proved more than twenty years ago that antacids trigger acid rebound and increase risk of ulcers and other infections from causing dangerous pH imbalance of beneficial micro-organisms in the intestinal tract.

So according to the results, or ?lack of results,? ?millions of people are experiencing antacids causing an even higher production of stomach acid and digestive juices, which unfortunately can exhaust the stomach acid making cells (parietal cells) ultimately creating a clinically chronic stomach acid deficiency.

Bottom line is if you sincerely desire to prevent acid indigestion, completely avoid taking over-the-counter antacids all together.

The Bone Chilling Truth About Antacids

Another shocking deception is that countless people suffering from arthritis have been told to eat antacids to get their calcium for bone growth. Sadly, there isn?t a single evidence-based study that shows the calcium contained in these harmful antacids can even be absorbed in the body.

The correct form of calcium is of the utmost importance for preventing symptoms of osteoporosis. Instead nearly a hundred million people a year who suffer from osteoarthritis symptoms are triggering their own gastrointestinal disorders from munching on these convenient antacid candies.

Most antacids contain mainly calcium carbonate, which because the body can?t absorb it and has no use for limestone molecules, it ends up forming life threatening kidney stones and other health problems

This is one more outrageous example of the shear irresponsibility of drug companies to provide real help for people in need. It appears quite clear that the manufacturers of antacid products have designed these products to deceive consumers into eating massive amounts of potentially harmful products.

It?s common knowledge among leading physicians that people who suffer from symptoms of osteoporosis usually suffer from a lack of stomach acid production to begin with. In fact, their osteoporosis symptoms are directly related to the fact that they don?t absorb calcium well in the first place, because they need stomach acid to help absorb dietary calcium.

The Bucket List Goes on

Other dangers are toxic metals found in antacids. Toxic heavy metals like aluminum are absorbed causing nerve damage and accumulating in brain cells. Aluminum-containing antacids can actually cause osteoporosis and are especially risky for post-menopausal women.

This need not be . . . learning about self health options, natural remedies and other Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) will put you back on the healing pathway.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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