September 17, 2010

Hiatal Hernia and Panic Attacks

Most people who have had a hiatal hernia for an extended period of time experience panic attacks.

These panic attacks have many factors besides characteristic personality traits. Obviously, a person who is more high-strung than let?s say a meditating monk, will naturally be more likely to panic when their organs start moving around causing the terrible havoc a hiatal hernia can trigger.

It?s as if you had lost all control and there?s nothing you can do, similar to a claustrophobic fit from the inside out.

A hiatal hernia can lead to a heart attack when panic sets in. It?s frightening, especially when you haven?t a clue what?s going on. Suddenly you can?t breathe, you vomit your dinner, acid reflux burns your throat, and mouth, your bronchial tubes tighten from gastric gases and partially digested food particles choking you in-between breathes.

If you survive the hiatal hernia panic attack, then you?re panicking to call a doctor to find out why you feel like you?re falling apart suddenly. Later, you?re stressed because you don?t know how to predict the panic attack or how to control the traumatic hiatal hernia.

I?d be scared to, I?ve witnessed one of my friends panic over a hiatal hernia attack and he?s a mild mannered personality . . . I can only imagine how dangerous one of these panic attacks would be for a nervous, or fragile kind of personality.

Now if you are being forced to quit drinking alcohol, smoking, coffee, pop and sweets, while avoiding pizza, fried chicken and all the other large calorie foods you crave, you may find it nearly impossible not to have a panic attack just trying to prevent a traumatic hiatal hernia attack.

Seriously, that?s a lot to worry about 24/, 30 days a month, 12 months a year.

Then there?s the symptoms of trapped gastric pressure that makes you feel like you need to burp, but you never can, as you stomach bloats to the point of feeling like it?s bursting, then the tingling, heavy numbing pain attacks that mimic a genuine heart attack.

Many people get misdiagnosed with General Anxiety Disorders because doctors don?t know what to do other than keep prescribing meds until one works, you?re chemically tranquilized so you don?t care or you die.

The best thing you can do is address the underlying root cause of your hiatal hernia attacks, but even before you do that you need to solve your anxiety and panic attacks before they lock you up in a state loony bin.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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