October 12, 2010

What Food Allergies Cause Acid Reflux

Many people want to know what causes acid reflux in the first place-how does it actually happen, why does it happen, and so on.? The answer is fairly simple, and not the most pleasant-somewhat painful at times.

Acid reflux will occur when the valve between the stomach and the lower esophagus opens up, and allows stomach acid in when it shouldn’t.? At that point, the stomach acid will rise further on up into the esophagus, causing more pain and creating the burning sensation near your heart.

Determining what causes acid reflux will vary from person to person. Some people are just born with a very loose valve. Others eat too much, and there is back flow from the valve, or have food allergies. Knowing what food allergies cause acid reflux is helpful for anyone wanting to control their symptoms.

Some patients will treat certain medications as food-which is wrong-doing so can add a lot of damage.? Things like ibuprofen and naproxen, for example, are two anti-inflammatories that if taken too much, and too often will cause acid reflux.

Consider the fact that the body will, when having a really bad allergic reaction to a food, literally attack itself.? This is true when talking about what food allergies cause acid reflux. Another way to think about it would be to consider the reaction that a person with celiac disease has to wheat or gluten.

By remembering that comparison, you can understand that acid reflux can be brought on by food allergies-and there are some that are more notorious for being a problem than others.? For example, someone who is highly allergic to dairy products-milk, cheese or even eggs-may end up with acid reflux because of their food allergy.

What happens in the case of the food allergy is that the body realizes that there is a foreign object in it that it cannot tolerate, and that that foreign object has made its way down the esophagus into the stomach. Due to the body’s intolerance of that food, the stomach begins to churn, acid moves and it comes back up the esophagus, causing reflux.

Foods that are typical allergens will quite often cause reflux.? Some of those foods are nuts, soy, fish, milk and eggs, wheat, shellfish and peanuts. Of course, there are plenty of other foods that could fit into that category, but those are some of the top offenders.

In order to find out what food allergies cause acid reflux in you, or one of your loved ones, you must undergo a test. A visit to the doctor is required, and they will usually order a blood test to determine what food or foods you are allergic to.? There is another option available, but the doctor will be the one to decide if that test is necessary or not.

Food allergies can cause acid reflux, so do pay attention to what you eat. Cut out what you can, if you think you are allergic to a food. If you notice a difference, leave that food out. You can try to reintroduce it at a later time, and see what the results are.

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