October 12, 2010

Acid Reflux Cough Cure

Just about everyone and their brother does these days. What most people don?t notice right away is the habitual need to clear your throat and the ?unfriendly? cough that accompanies acid reflux burn.

Whatever is triggering the upsurges of your stomach acid, whether it be from a lack of acid or an over production, the fact remains that caustic gastric acid is disrupting your life.

Obviously acid reflux is a serious health condition if it persists, but if it?s allowed to fester and ends up making you cough all the time, you could be headed for more serious complications.

Keep in mind that the acid in your stomach is made from hydrogen and chloride, along with some other nasty flavors. Hydrochloric acid can be a liquid or a gas and it?s dangerous in either form.

It?s very unpleasant to have acid reflux explode into your sensitive esophagus, mouth and sinus areas, but what?s worse is if you inhale the acid reflux particles or gas fumes.

You?ve had water or soda go down the wrong tube before, right? That?s no fun and people choke to death sometimes, but when you?re dealing with a stomach acid it can literally burn your flesh and damage your lung tissue.

Once lung damage has occurred inside your bronchial tubes or lung chambers an infection could trigger an over production of mucus. This is a white cell immune response that can complicate things, called a ?cytokine cascade.?

So if you have acid reflux, persistent coughing and even chest pain, it could be your heartburn is advancing toward becoming a much bigger problem, such as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease or an infection of the lungs.

Chest pain could mean other things like angina, a hiatal hernia or heart problems, so see a doctor before assuming it?s just from acid reflux.

The problem with finding a cure for acid reflux cough is that when doctors aren?t sure of the root cause, they routinely treat the symptoms.

Just being free of acid reflux burning and coughing symptoms doesn?t mean you?re healthy. Being healthy is more than being symptom free, that?s why getting to the root of your heartburn issues should be a top priority for you.

If you are not eating the right foods, if you?re lying down after meals and if your popping ?useless? antacids, you?ll never find the cure to your acid reflux cough challenge.

Truth is the cure is simpler than you may think, but first things first. Stop eating things that increase toxins, eat foods that provide a natural alkaline base and walk a little after meals- you?ll be surprised how much money you?ll safe avoiding all those unnecessary medications or treatments.

Keep in mind your acid reflux and heartburn coughing is NOT a drug deficiency.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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