October 14, 2010

Tips for Getting Rid of Heartburn

Here you are again, up late at night miserable with heartburn . . . what?s with that? I mean, you?ve tried everything ?they? told you to do, right? Of course you did . . . you and 50 million other heartburn sufferers across America.

It?s sad but true . . . the Swedes even proved it in clinical tests years ago . . . antacids are a sham, a rip-off and a big fat lie.

In fact they only make your heartburn worse.

So let?s discuss something that makes sense, like actually addressing the root cause of heartburn and indigestion. You may be suffering from acid indigestion and heartburn because you?re making ?too much? gastric acid, but probably not.

More people have acid reflux because the food they eat isn?t being digested from lack of gastric power. This allows the stomach acid your body makes splash up from the top of the food filling your gut.

So my first tip is don?t lay down after eating, this just makes it easier for the little acid on top of your undigested food to work its way toward your throat.

My second tip, officially, is don?t take antacids, for the reason I mentioned above. You don?t have the stomach acid you used to have when you were younger, especially if you?re a man.

The more cooked foods and meat you eat, the more nutrients, enzymes and everything else your pancreas and digestive system have to make to dissolve them. So their simply used up now- time to replenish!

So as the years go by, if you don?t learn how to ?replenish? you suffer from specific nutrient and mineral deficiencies.

The secret is to eat foods that contain their own enzymes, minerals and cofactors, cooked food and meat has very little to offer.

Tip number three is to eat more whole raw fruits and vegetables and if you are eating meat chew it well and then eat your vegetables ?after.? If you?ve ever been to Europe you?ll notice they always eat their salads after the main course.

Americans for some reason unknown to me, eat the salads first. This places your carbohydrate ahead of your protein. If your protein source is meat, you?ll need as much stomach acid as possible to digest that animal protein and fat.

In fact you shouldn?t even eat fruit with a meal at all, especially if you?re eating meat.

So eat your fruit in between your meals.

Same goes with drinking water- you need to drink a lot of good water, but if you do it while you?re eating, you?ll dilute what stomach acid you do have- so eat small portions, chew well. Eat protein first, carbs second and fruit in between . . . all while drinking a good source of mineral water in between all that munching.

Oh, and sit up straight!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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