November 5, 2010

Natural Cures for Heartburn

There are many natural cures for heartburn. This is great news because a lot of people suffer from this painful burning caused by stomach acid entering the esophagus. Stomach acid often enters the esophagus but it usually goes unnoticed because our bodies naturally swallow saliva throughout the day which washes the acid back into the stomach without any pain. When too much acid is coming up and it causes pain, it is necessary to take action starting with looking into natural cures for heartburn.

Conventional and somewhat unconventional methods alike often include basic items around the house. One of the most commonly recommended remedies is drinking a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water before a meal to prevent the onset of the painful condition. This remedy has proven effective in preventing an occurrence; however this must be done prior to eating for it to be effective.? Another way to stop heartburn before it starts is papaya.? It contains an enzyme that helps speed the digestive process and prevents pressure from building in the stomach.The specific types of food that typically trigger heartburn attacks vary from person to person. Foods like alcohol, garlic, onion, citrus and caffeine are common triggers.? It is important to take note of any patterns in your diet in relation to heartburn attacks so that you can be aware of what causes it for you.

If preventative measures are not taken or are not effective, there are a few natural cures for heartburn that are known to relieve the pain of acid refluxafter it has already hit. These include eating an assortment of foods that contain a special acid that counter the pain a little differently than the prevention methods will. For example, apples are effective acid neutralizers.? Also, ginger helps settle an upset stomach, and can help where heartburn is concerned as well.? Drinking some chamomile tea can also help bring relief from heart burn pain.? Even something as simple as drinking a glass of water can be just the boost your body needs to flush unwanted acids through the system.

Other remedies that may prove effective include lying with your head in an elevated position if you are experiencing heartburn. This helps keep your head properly aligned over your stomach and prevents acids from creeping into the esophagus.? Also, eating smaller meals prevents large amounts of food from backing up in your stomach causing uncomfortable pressure to build.? To give your stomach a head start, just don’t eat less than 2 hours before going to bed.? That gives your body time to properly digest everything and prevents acids and foods from getting into the esophagus when you lie down.

There are numerous options when it comes to natural cures for heartburn that should be looked at. It is not a one size fits all solution and you should try several different remedies or a combination of solutions until you find the one that works best for you and gives you the best results.

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