November 8, 2010

Heartburn and Gallbladder

Gallbladder surgery is another one of those unnecessary operations that come with bonus side effects.

One of those side effects is acid reflux, which is, having excess saliva with a constant bitter taste from gastric juices refluxing up your throat.

No worries though, your doctor will most likely prescribe Protonex, Nexium or some other Pharma gimmicks to keep your adverse symptoms and complaints quiet.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but the word is most gallbladder surgeries are unnecessary.

Remember tonsils? They used to snip those by the hundreds of thousands annually, until they found they are part of your endocrine and immune system.

There are many overused surgeries due to the loop holes in managed-care insurance, lack of scientific evidence and simple greed.

Surgeons are always coming up with new techniques (i.e., laparoscopy) and better tools to remove gallbladders, yet you never hear of anyone trying to cure the cause of gallstones, do you? Today instead of opening you up all the way, they make a smaller incision, making it an in and out procedure.

Don?t let that fool you, gallbladder removal is still a risky business and considered major surgery. If for instance they nick or sever a bile duct, it will result in permanent liver damage . . . this happens about 2% of the time.

Your gallbladder is NOT the enemy here, your gall stones are and for that matter, your diet habits. If you haven?t had a gallbladder attack and show no signs of pancreatic inflammation or jaundice, you don?t need surgery . . . you need the cure.

In fact did you know there are successful remedies for gall stones, kidney stones and acid reflux?

Another point I have to mention is because gallbladder removal is easy money for the hospitals, every now and then someone with acid indigestion, symptoms of bloating or acid reflux get sent through the procedure in a rush to treat gall bladder-like symptoms.

Recent studies disclose that only 10% to 18% of the 20,000,000 people who have gallstones ever even develop symptoms. What that means is you can start eliminating the risk of gallstones now, before you have a gallstone attack.

Statistics claim only about 10 to 18% of people who have gallstones will experience symptoms at all.

Eating the wrong things year after year can lead to gallstones, acid indigestion and acid reflux. You need healthy bile function and stomach acid function to work together. Usually if one gets out of balance they both could eventually fail to work properly.

Of course if you have gallbladder disease or cancer the odds are you may end up losing your gallbladder to save your life. Gallbladder disease, like acid reflux is associated with obesity, diabetes, smoking and synthetic hormone replacement therapy, to mention a few.

Always get a second or third medical opinion when surgery has been suggested.

By avoiding the classic Standard American Diet (SAD) you can avoid a lot of the Standard American Diseases.

To prevent gall stones as well as acid reflux issues cut out the bad fat, but keep the good fat.

That means, eliminate animal fats and enjoy healthy fats from super foods like avocados and almonds

Gallstones are triggered from poor quality fat intake which increases the bad cholesterol (fatty acid) that makes gallstones.

Don?t end up with double the trouble, cure two problems by eliminating one stone.

Eliminate refined carbohydrates, animal fats and processed food additives so your risk of developing gallstones and acid reflux will be reduced significantly-otherwise you may end up having to deal with the combined symptoms of both problems.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Ecologist

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