November 8, 2010

Natural Heartburn Cures

Just about everyone has experienced heartburn at some time or another during their life and many have sought out natural heartburn cures. Heartburn is a common name for acid reflux. People usually feel a burning pain in their chest that spreads upward to their neck. They may also experience bloating, belching and nausea. Heartburn can be an occasional incident after a heavy meal or extremely spicy one, or a frequent occurrence that is disruptive to daily life.

When you swallow food, it passes through your esophagus and into your stomach.? The stomach contains acids which digest the food. There is a muscle between your stomach and esophagus that opens to allow the food into the stomach and closes after the food has passed through. If this muscle doesn’t operate properly, the food and stomach acid can back up into your esophagus causing pain and discomfort in the form of acid reflux or heartburn.

There are as many remedies for heartburn as there are sufferers. Unfortunately, there is no one cure that works for every one. People need to learn their bodies and figure out what triggers their attacks. Sometimes it is a particular food. Caffiene is a common culprit.? Onions and citrus are others.? So if a person can determine their personal food trigger, they can easily solve their problem by avoiding that food.

However, when a change in diet isn?t an option, people sometimes reach forhome remedies. Drinking a bit of apple cider vinegar and water prior to a meal can help prevent the onset of heartburn. ?Also, eating a smaller meal can help prevent too much acid and pressure from building in the stomach.? Refraining from eating less than two hours before bed can also help keep stomach acids out of the esophagus and in the stomach where they belong.

If heartburn is already in full force, there are a number of natural things you can try.? Eating an apple has been found to be surprisingly successful in relieving heartburn pain.? Also, all forms of ginger, including candied and teas help to settle an upset stomach.? Papaya contains an enzyme that helps the body?s digestion process, which prevents uncomfortable pressure from building in the stomach.? Something as simple as drinking a glass of water can also eliminate heartburn pain, as it flushes unwanted acids through the digestive system.? Also, sitting up, or if heartburn is happening at night, sleeping on an extra pillow helps keep the head aligned properly with the stomach, making sure acids stay down.

Natural remedies are often preferable to over the counter medications or prescription drugs because of their low cost and convince.? Most people don?t need to run to the drug store to get a glass of water, and things like apples and ginger are significantly less expensive than a daily prescription routine.

For more natural heartburn cures, visit and read The Reflux Remedy Report.? The natural cure that will work for you could be there, so don?t wait!

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