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Just like to say how fantastic the HeartBurn Remedy worked ?..I have been suffering the prob for a couple of months ..and I tried all the usual over the counter stuff wiyhout any luck, it only took overnight for it to clear after using the items, now I am using it once a week ?to hopefully stay on top of it. Thanks again!????

Vince C

For over 4 years I have suffered with a really terrible cronic cough, excessive mucus, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, choking episodes, and sinus problems soon after eating, however after waking on a morning the symptoms were much worse. The past 4 years have being hell, and I have being so desperate to finding a cure, I even thought of ending my miserable life. I was diagnosed with Rhinitis by the my doctor and hospital consultants, who recommended surgery. On 15th December 2008 when attending another appointment at the hospital, It was clear that I never had a sinus problem, but Silent Reflux. I was prescribed Rabeprazole 20mg twice a day, and a anti acid medicine of 10ml before retiring to bed, and first thing in the morning. I was advised to take this medicine for 6 months, however after 3 months my symptoms were much more severe, so I stopped. I have now had a endoscopy, and 10 days ago I went back to the hospital for a Oesophageal manomerty, and pH tests, but I am still waiting for the results. I could not wait any longer, so in my desperation I began to search the internet for help, and came accross the Barton Reflux Remedy Report. Following the advice and using the natural remedies of the report for the past eight days my symptoms are now getting better, and my cough and excessive mucus have nearly gone. I have however taken 6 tablespoons of [ingredients], with 1 teaspoon of the [ingredients] both in the morning and before retiring to bed, and also [find out here]. It’s now obvious that I have suffered for 4 years with not enough acid, because I never had heartburn. I was prescibed anti acid medicine which made me worse, because it destroyed the very little acid I already had. So much for the so called medical experts. I know it’s early days yet, but the? BARTON REFLUX REMEDY REPORT have hopefully helped me get my life back to normal again, and really cannot thank them enough.?????

Steve R, Nottingham,? United Kingdom.

I was leary at first but I had heartburn and a lump in my throat so bad I was at the point I would try anything once. I started out with [ingredients]. ?I would take a teaspoon of [ingredients] after every meal and at bedtime. ?When it was real bad I would do the teaspoon of [ingredients] with a tablespoon of [ingredients]. Within one week I decided to stop taking my medication that was prescribed by my doctor and had been taking it for about two years. When I started to feel a little better I decided to change my diet completely. ?I had read an article from Barton’s someone had written that they had given of dairy products. ?So I stopped using [ingredients] and [ingredients]. ?I now use [find out here] on my oatmeal which I also added to my diet. ?I have a bowl every morning along with a banana or some fresh strawberries. ?I cut out spicy foods, fried foods, potatoes, tomatoes, orange and grapefuirt juice, red meat and only have a glass of wine a couple of times a week. ?I eat a lot of rice along with vegtables. It’s been about a month and I am medicine free and feel great most of the time. ?If I do get a little heartburn I will take a teaspoon of [ingredient]. ?And that seems to take care of it. I find that bending over makes it flare up. (Like pulling weeds in my garden.) ?But so far I am pretty happy. Let’s hope I’m on the right path to good health. Your plan and e-mails were worth the money. Thank you so much.


The first thing I did was throw away my very expensive medication. ?My Doctor thought I was crazy. ?I have not as yet read your full report, but I have been trying to do without medication. ?In the morning after breakfast I really suffer. ?I usually take 1 tum and that works well. ?I knew about chewing gum from before and I went back to that. I was told after my last surgery that chewing gum was a no no. I eat very slowly. I will get a sensation any time during the day. ?It usually lasts just for a minute. ?I feel that I could cope with this. ?What surprises me is that it has nothing to do with food. ?I will get uncomfortable hours later after eating. ?I gained 8/10 lbs. in 3 weeks when I first started the Nexium. ?The information sheet never mentioned rapid weight gain. ?When I got into their site, there it was – weight gain. ?I am working very hard to lose this weight because I cannot get into my clothes. I have been on this type of medication for over 20 years. I am very glad to have made (the connection) with you. ?I don’t feel so alone. ?It is nice to hear what other people are doing and dealing with.

Ann S.

I’d been suffering tremendously with that HOT feeling in the middle of my chest for weeks. ?The doc prescribed Omeprazole and Zantac – to no avail. ?Misery if I ate, misery if I didn’t. ?Oh!!! Then, I used the remedies in the report and within 2 days I felt and looked better. ?I continue to use the remedies when I eat something disagreeable, or plain overdo it and it WORKS EVERY TIME! ?I am so grateful to have found this. Thank you for my life.

Natalie G

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