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March 25, 2011

Heartburn Cure

Cure your heartburn without using drugs, but rather by applying the science of prevention. Preventative remedies are more often than not also the cure for many health challenges you may be facing, not just acid reflux.

The amazing thing about curing something like heartburn is you learn to apply the science of addressing the root cause of acid reflux, stomach indigestion or gastro-esophageal reflux disease . . . or any other dis-ease.

The only way you’re going to cure your heartburn is by discovering what caused it in the first place, remember nothing ever changes at the symptom level.

The cure for heartburn and the cause of your heartburn are connected at the hip, just as the symptoms of heartburn and the effects are connected.

Getting rid of the symptoms or ‘blocking the effects’ of your heartburn still leaves you suffering from the cause of your heartburn, while waiting for the drugs to wear off.

At the risk of repeating, it’s very important you realize that living symptom free of heartburn isn’t the same as curing your heartburn.

Before you can cure your heartburn STOP assuming you have heartburn because of too much stomach acid . . . more often than not, heartburn can be caused from too little stomach acid. The symptoms and signs of heartburn are pretty much the same to the casual observer, that’s why if you start popping antacid medication you could be triggering a much more serious health challenge for yourself.

Ask you health professional or even insist that your health professional do a simple stomach acid test to accurately diagnose the correct health issue here.

If you want to cure your heart burn and you suffer from too much stomach acid, the cure maybe a basic lifestyle modification. You may be making too much stomach acid because of emotional or physical stress factors and changing those factors could be your cure for heartburn.

Perhaps you’re eating large meals or mixing the wrong foods or not getting enough exercise . . . those cases all require lifestyle modifications to cure your heartburn.

If you have all those things covered, your heartburn cure may be found in addressing a tired pancreas, endocrine and immune system with a nutritional approach.

Either way your heartburn is NOT a drug deficiency.

Know this: there is a natural, evidence-based scientific remedy for your heartburn . . . so don’t be fooled by gimmicks and Direct-to-Consumer advertising . . . your heartburn symptom isn?t the target.

If you really want to cure your heartburn, target the cause and the symptoms and signs will go away once and for all.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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February 7, 2011

Gastritis Natural Cure

The natural genuine care of your digestive health can and will cure gastritis. All you really need to know is that your natural healing intelligence is waiting for you to help.

Americans are raised by a dysfunctional educational system based on memorizing data, rather than based on the encouragement and development of introspective research skills.

By simply beginning to question all things you can reverse your gastritis and you can prevent gastritis from ever recurring again.

Another innate problem with American education is that it’s always biased, or slanted toward whomever or whatever is funding it.

Unfortunately the fact is global pharmaceutical companies are funding most all of our top institutions and universities to ultimately help serve their own special interests . . . not yours.

A natural cure for gastritis should not be a mystery to the modern man or woman. It seems the more technologically advanced America becomes, the less informed its citizens become.

Gastritis has a natural cure, but first you need to learn what the main cause of gastritis is. Everyone wants a magical silver bullet pill that makes everything all right. Well, living against the grain of Mama Nature isn’t all right, it’s all wrong and no pill will ever change that fact.

I know if Big Pharma told Americans that there is a magic ‘bluepill’ that will allow them to continue to live the wrong way; most people would take the ‘bluepill’ rather than change.

The terms bluepill and its opposite, redpill, are pop culture terms that have become a common metaphor for the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (bluepill) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (redpill).

The truth is gastritis cannot happen as long as you maintain a natural alkaline pH.

You see excessive alcohol consumption and pharmaceutical dependency are the main culprits behind gastritis; well that and an acid producing diet.

Helicobacter pylori are blamed as the bacteria causing gastritis, yet no one ever points out that there are beneficial bacteria that help your immune system prevent bad bacteria from thriving. All you have to do is help provide a natural alkaline pH balance between 7.25 and 7.4 and Helicobacter pylori can’t even live, let along thrive.

Gastritis is a symptom of acidosis, which is an imbalance of the quality of terrain inside you. Gastritis needs a sick terrain to develop in.

Everything in your body, every cell, tissue and organ except your digestive juices is alkaline . . . the opposite of acidic. When your tissue becomes burdened with acid wastes from poor diet, ONLY then gastritis can develop, along with a host of other unwanted health issues and degenerative diseases.

The natural cure for gastritis is to refuse the metaphorical bluepill of ignorant bliss and take responsibility for helping restore balance through genuine care.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Heartburn Relief





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January 13, 2011

Indigestion Symptoms

Keep in mind your symptoms of indigestion originate from a common cause, no matter how many symptoms you end up with.

The reason one symptom of indigestion becomes two, which becomes more than you can deal with is because the cause of the problem and its solution are being kept apart.

If you desire to stop your indigestion symptoms you must first stop ignoring them. As you already found out treating your symptoms of indigestion into chemical oblivion isn’t the right way to respond to your miraculous body/mind.

In fact even though you may seem successful at controlling your symptoms, whether they are acid reflux, esophagitis or inflammation of your digestive system . . . the truth is you are making matters worse by ignoring the root.

Taking drugs burdens your kidneys and it is your kidneys that are fighting to eliminate the real cause of your indigestion symptoms.

Yes, your kidneys are eliminating the cellular waste and environmental toxins that have overloaded your sensitive digestive system . . . help them!

Did you know your central nervous system, your endocrine system and your digestive system are your collective master immune system?

Some scientists call your digestive system the second brain because it works alongside the brain producing and releasing its own neuropeptides, anti-inflammatory agents and a whole pharmacy of natural pain killers and amazing healing agents.

Your druggist is playing copycat with Mama Nature and guess what? Your body/mind knows the difference.

If you are suffering from symptoms of indigestion it should tell you there is a battle going on to restore balance way down at the cellular level.

Taking artificial drugs made to chemically interfere at the cellular level is an attempt to over-ride your miraculous healing body/mind process.

Drugs introduce an alien challenge for your kidneys to deal with. It?s as if your cells are crying out for bread and the doctor gives them a stone instead.

This need not be!

Indigestion symptoms are signs that you need to start helping your immune system by strengthening your healing digestive system beginning at your cellular level.

Don’t burden your cells with artificial molecules. Nurture your body/mind’s own inner pharmacy by empowering your cells with the right water, air, sunlight, minerals and nutrients.

Indigestion symptoms are an effect. They are like ripples that will point to the origin of the problem, which is exactly where you will discover your natural solution.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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January 3, 2011

Natural Acid Reflux Cure

All great science comes from observing nature . . .

Your natural acid reflux cure is the one solution that eliminates all the complications associated with acid reflux disease.

The only excuse for ‘treating your acid reflux symptoms’ is if you really don’t know what the cause is. When I see acid reflux sufferers taking antacid drugs over and over again to cover up their embarrassing and painful symptoms, I know they’ve been fooled to believe there’s no natural cure.

Not only are these antacid drug products potentially harmful in themselves, ignoring whatever started your acid reflux imbalance is a dangerous game indeed.

Nothing is quite as important as taking care of your digestive health. Your immune system, central nervous system and brain and heart all depend on a smooth running digestive system.

Healing your acid reflux with a natural cure is the right way to fix the problem.

It is natural for you to NOT have acid reflux. That should tell you, even though your doctor doesn’t know the cure, your mind/body already does.

I’ve learned the hard way to not take my health for granted, that’s why I’m a health advocate. By simply having a spirit of thankfulness you will discover the natural cures that will heal your acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Relief

Discovering how to work with your natural healing process starts by appreciating the miracle of being well in the first place.

You have the symptoms of acid reflux because you took this natural healing function for granted . . . you rode it hard and put it away wet and so by using a natural cure for your acid reflux, you will discover something powerful about yourself.

Great scientists have always learned from observing nature . . . it’s completely natural to cure yourself. You don’t need a doctor to help you get acid reflux and you certainly don’t need one to find a natural cure either.

The natural power to cure your acid reflux is all yours . . .

Health is balance and balance fuels vitality. Simply taking antacids to be symptom free doesn?t make you healthy . . . healthy is beyond being symptoms free . . . being cured of acid reflux is simply the return to your natural pathway.

The science of healing is the expression of natural law . . . it’s a proven way of restoring balance and vitality without interfering with man-made drugs.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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