September 23, 2010

Gerd and Bronchitis

Many people suffer needlessly from a condition that keeps them awake at night?just from eating. That condition is referred to by many as heartburn, because it sort of feels like the area around your heart is burning. In reality, the stomach acid that digests your food is washing back up your esophagus in a movement called reflux. The medical name for this is called Gastro Esophogeal Reflux Disease?if it occurs more than a couple of times a week.

Often, people will refer to Gastro Esophogeal Reflux Disease as GERD, to simplify things. Others can become confused because GERD is also called Acid Reflux Disease, although the two are in fact the same. GERD is a big problem for many people and for good reason.

Stomach acid is very strong?it has to be in order to break down food and aid in the processes of your digestive system. When the stomach acid washes back up your throat, the acid eats at your esophagus, causing a little bit of damage each time. Your teeth also face damaging effects of this condition, as the enamel will slowly corrode over time.

One problem that GERD sufferers face is bronchitis. At first, the correlation between GERD and bronchitis does not seem obvious, but it is there. Each time that the stomach acid comes back up into the esophagus, the GERD sufferer faces the opportunity of choking. When someone chokes, they can inadvertently swallow the acid that they have just brought up. Aspiration of stomach acid makes for a good deal of pain coming up and an equal amount going down into your lungs.

There is much danger when stomach acid gets into your lungs?bronchitis. Due to the acid?s powerful nature, it can affect the inside of the lungs badly enough to inflame the bronchia, which can lead to bronchitis.

The tie between GERD and bronchitis can be limited with proper management and proactive effort. However, there has to be work done from both the patient and the doctor?although most of the work will be the patient.

Doctors of course, will have prescription medications available to give patients for management of their GERD, and the possible resulting bronchitis. There are some doctors that are beginning to push their patients towards using something other than medication to solve their problems with GERD.

Resolving issues within a patient?s diet will help limit the instances that GERD occurs. Doctors?and registered dieticians, if needed?can lead patients down the correct path to change their diets appropriately. Eating foods that don?t cause reflux will obviously limit the acid that comes up, and in turn limit the opportunities for aspiration of acid into the lungs, causing bronchitis.

Some of the changes in a patient?s diet and eating pattern might be as simple as eating a slice of apple for dessert, or not lying down after eating. The key to success in avoiding GERD and bronchitis rests almost entirely on the shoulders of the patient, with a bit of guidance from the doctor and their staff.

Pay attention to what your body tells you while you eat and digest. Your eating routine will help you figure your problems out?perhaps without a prescription.

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