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September 9, 2011

Curing Heartburn

Heartburn is an unfortunate and painful condition that many people live with day in and day out, and while there are many medications and remedies for the onset of heartburn, the best results come through preventing heartburn before it starts. Eating and drinking habits, stress and activity levels can all contribute to the severity and frequency of onsets, but when recognized and addressed, these aspects can be much more effective than most medications or even diet changes.

Heartburn is the result of stomach acids backing up into the esophagus, resulting in the familiar burning sensation; in reality, this is more than just a sensation, the stomach acids are actually irritating and burning the wall of the esophagus. In severe and long-term cases, scarring and extensive burning can result, which is the condition known as acid reflux. Acid reflux requires prescription medication, often to reduce acid production, however, most cases of common heartburn can be actively prevented from reaching the severe stage.

Watching What you eat and Drink

Watching what you eat and drink is quite obvious, and while avoiding certain foods and drinks is recommended, it is the quantities of these foods and beverages that is typically the ultimate cause of heartburn. Two of the biggest culprits are coffee and soda, both of which are not terrible in small servings, but when over-indulged, can be lasting sources of heartburn. Reducing intake to one cup of coffee or one can of soda a day will have dramatic, nearly immediate, effects.

Foods, particularly spicy ones, are also the bane of those suffering from recurring heartburn; spicy foods themselves, in small servings, can be moderated and offset by taking an oral antacid before eating. Another handy tip is to drink more water with meals, as this not only helps with proper digestion, but avoids adding further sources of irritation.

Timing is Everything

Another commonly overlooked aspect that contributes to heartburn is the particular time you eat, and eating just before laying down is almost guaranteed to bring on a painful attack. Those suffering from heartburn often have a condition that allows stomach acids to leak into the esophagus, such as a relaxation of the sphincter muscle at the entrance to the stomach. Eating causes the stomach to increase production of digestive materials, and if you lay down too soon after eating, much of this leak out to burn the esophagus.

Taking a simple, over-the-counter antacid in the mornings, before eating and before bed, in conjunction with the above-mentioned strategies, can make a significant difference in heartburn occurrences. Taking an active stance against the causes of heartburn is not only the best way to reduce instances of it, but it can also help you to decide if prescription medication is necessary. If these particular steps are taken and frequent heartburn continues, medical attention may be the only option available, but it is much more likely that paying attention to what you eat and drink, as well as when you do, will be enough to substantially relieve most cases of recurring heartburn. For more information on curing heartburn be sure to contact Reflux Remedy at today!

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March 25, 2011

Heartburn Treatment

Treatment for your heartburn in an emergency situation could be as simple as taking a teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda and downing it with about 8 to 10 ounces of water.

On the other hand if your heart burn isn’t from lack of stomach acid the last thing you will want is an antacid, natural or not. What if treating your heartburn with an antacid made your heartburn worse, which is often the case?

The phrase heartburn treatment is misleading to most people, because heartburn isn’t a cause, it’s a symptom and treating symptoms never changes anything. Nothing ever changes at the symptom level, to get rid of your heartburn. I have to presume is the reason you typed in that search term or phrase ‘heartburn Treatment,’ is because you want the cause of your heartburn be healed, not just treated.

A treatment is what people do when they don’t care about the cure; they just want the symptoms to go away . . . if you want to you can use Over-The-Counter (OTC) gimmicks as a heartburn treatment. If you don’t care about your health, just ignore any sign of ill health.

The end result is always the same; the drug companies get rich and you stay miserable or you may even get worse.

Listen, not everyone with heartburn has the same cause of heartburn, so why would you take what everyone else is told to take?

Even if you do have too much stomach acid, which is rarer than you may know, even so, the antacids are chocked full of toxic ingredients and other unknown factors. Did you know some antacid ingredients which are harmful aren’t even required to be listed by the FDA if they are below 1%? That’s right; this opens the door for all kinds of things like artificial sweeteners, some of which can contribute to metabolic disorders and worse.

Any heartburn treatment should be based on some knowledge of what is really causing your heartburn symptoms. It could be that you need help digesting food in your stomach and that?s why your stomach acid is rising near the top, because it’s all undigested food is at the bottom.

Treating heartburn and curing heartburn are two completely different actions. If your heartburn symptoms are from lack of digestive power, you could start treating your heartburn by eating more sea salt and raw vegetables, supplementing with probiotics and prebiotic foods and changing some eating and exercising habits too.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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