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September 9, 2011

Diet for Acid Reflux Sufferers

Those who bear the yoke of acid reflux know the burden it places on both their dietary and lifestyle choices, as any misstep can result in painful heartburn and a further worsening of symptoms. The result of uncontrolled acid reflux can be permanent and, in almost all cases, will severely impact quality of life. It is therefore imperative that any individual who suffers from acid reflux knows their dietary limits, understands simple, effective natural remedies to combat bouts of reflux, and realizes that the ultimate diet for acid reflux generally involves reducing accumulated fat.

Diets that prevent reflux from occurring revolve around whole, unprocessed foods, and tend to include vegetable and fruit portions from organic sources. Apples, whether juice, dried or fresh, are excellent when chewed well, and bananas are also great for restoring a basic-low acid-level in the stomach.

Not all fruits provide relief for symptoms, however, and high acid orange juice, lemons, grapefruits, cranberries, and tomatoes should be avoided when possible. This includes lemons, grapefruits, and cranberries in all their forms-juices, etc.

Vegetables that work in the stomach to reduce acid levels include baked potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, green beans, and peas. Generally, any cruciferous vegetable, such as broccoli or cauliflower, as well as near any organic vegetable that is not processed, fried, or breaded, is safe for consumption. French fries, onions rings, and potatoes au gratin are excellent examples of vegetables that should be avoided.

Meats follow the well worn path lain out by our vegetable and fruit list, and includes items that most individuals would consider ‘healthy’, such as sirloin quality ground beef, at 96% protein. Steak that has been London broiled, chicken breast that lacks skin and is broiled or grilled with little to no added oils or fats, fish that has been prepared similarly, and egg whites or egg substitutes are also very safe to eat.

Many may be thinking that a life of skinless chicken breasts and apples can only lead to forbidden food cravings, and that mistakes are bound to happen. This is a valid concern, and addressing it both psychologically and physically is important for acid reflux sufferers.

When slip-ups do happen, understand that their are foods-and medications-that reduce symptoms after unsafe meals. Water, for instance, when one to two glasses are imbibed after meals, can greatly dilute acid levels. Almonds have also been proven to greatly reduce symptoms, and should be chewed thoroughly and eaten in the mornings. Fennel or chamomile teas also have strong acid reduction properties, and should be drank slowly. Lastly, ginger is an excellent supplement to take as either a candy, tea or capsule, as a means of reducing the effects of an acid producing meal.

Our final piece of advice for you concerns the predisposition towards acid reflux in those who are overweight or obese. Combating acid reflux in these cases should approach diet as a means to reduce body fat. The recommendations outlined here are an excellent way to begin the process of losing weight, as the reduction in hyper-palatable foods, like french fries and delicious onion rings, stems the process of overeating, and will result in gradual, effective fat loss. For more information on diets for acid reflux sufferers contact Reflux Remedy at today!

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December 5, 2010

Diet for Acid Reflux

The Standard American Diet (SAD) leads to acid reflux. It?s time for the SAD to be HAD . . . the Healthy American Diet (HAD) is the opposite of everything most Americans are doing now.

If you suffer from acid reflux and you want to reverse your acid reflux before it becomes a fully fledged dis-ease, you need to reverse your SAD diet.

That?s why I call it the Healthy American Diet (HAD), because it offers everything you need to prevent, treat or cure your acid reflux, heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux dis-ease (GERD).

Acid reflux is from consistently eating the same standard things that most Americans eat.

So if you suffer from acid reflux and feel the dis-ease, you are NOT alone. The symptoms of overeating unhealthy foods is nothing new, it?s been around sense the beginning of time, ever sense people began eating.

The problem is American food corporations (Big Food) have made an art of creating dietary dis-ease.

Acid reflux is a dietary dis-ease.

You?re not the only one who was raised to eat a ?square? meal 3 times a day. The reason the American Medical Association (AMA) is so rich and powerful is because Americans have been stuffed with lies and slowly led to slaughter.

Leaving your two choices:

1) You can get a life-time membership with your local Disease Care Management system

2) Step away from the SAD plate and turn a new leaf eating the way nature intended.

If you are experiencing acid reflux or know someone who is the worst thing you can do is blame yourself.

It?s NOT your fault.

Sure, maybe you eat too much and you eat the wrong things, but you can?t help it.

The Standard American Diet (SAD), Big Food and the federal regulatory agencies that condone these atrocities upon humanity are the ones to blame.

Waiting for the world to change its ways isn?t going to reverse your acid reflux and the dis-ease you suffer from. It?s going to have to be all up to you from now on to take back control of your diet and help cure yourself naturally . . . unless you?re comfortable going down the road you?re going down.

Your so-called ?square? meals are the foundation of your acid reflux and ill health. The Healthy American Diet (HAD) is all about eating an ?unbalanced? diet limited to only foods that are actually good for you and because they are hard to find these days, unless you grow your own garden, you?ll eat less too. If you eat 50% bad food and 50% good food that?s a balanced diet. The sad thing is most people eat 90% bad food and 10% good. So that?s why the Healthy American Diet (HAD) is unbalanced, but tipping the scales toward the good.

Your acid reflux won?t get better without your determination to make positive diet changes.

Try it. Eat less, more often. Try 5 or even 7 meals a day. Keep em small and nutritious and only eat when you?re hungry, but don?t eat until you?re full . . . always leave a little space for hunger. If you do this your acid reflux will disappear and you?ll have more energy and feel better.

Your SAD diet caused your acid reflux dis-ease and distress , so if you HAD it with being sick and tired, try the new Healthy American Diet and kick your acid reflux to the curb once and for all.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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