December 14, 2010

Home Remedies Stomach Ulcer

If you have recently been diagnosed with an ulcer, you may be searching for home remedies to help heal it. While there isn?t a sure fire way to cure it, home remedies for a stomach ulcer are often simple to execute and can help your body heal itself, which is often the best way to treat an ulcer.

The only case where home remedies for a stomach ulcer wouldn?t be appropriate as a first course of action is if the ulcer is caused by a bacterium called H. pylori. H. pylori is a fairly common corkscrew shaped bacteria, and is actually the number one cause of ulcers, not stress or fatty diets as was once commonly thought. So, if H. pylori is blamed for your ulcer your doctor will most likely prescribe a course of antibiotics to help kill the bacteria. However, these home remedies can be practiced in conjunction with antibiotics, to help the ulcer heal once the bacteria are gone.

First of all, monitor how much food you take in. Overwhelming your stomach with large meals can often aggravate an ulcer as the stomach tries desperately to break down such a huge quantity of food. Smaller, more frequent meals are the solution to this. It promotes healthy digestion, helps prevent heartburn and will help give your ulcer the space it needs to heal.

Second, watch what you eat. Fatty foods, extremely spicy foods, and foods that are known to cause heartburn or indigestion for you should all be avoided. Things like fast food, whole milk and creams, onions, garlic, caffeine and acidic fruits like citrus should be used in moderation when you?re trying to heal from an ulcer. Foods that should be targeted are whole grain breads, lean meats, fish, and foods that are high in antioxidants that will help the healing process ? like blueberries.

It?s important to focus on a healthy diet and outlook when your body has experienced a trauma, like an ulcer. Providing your body with proper nutrition will help it naturally heal. This means a balanced diet and maybe even regular, light exercise to get your blood pumping. Providing the area with a supply of oxygen rich blood will help speed the healing process.

Third, avoid pain killers like the plague. Over the counter and prescription pain killers are known to cause ulcers, so when you?re trying to heal from one, they can be counterproductive. If you experience joint pain, a headache, or back pain when you have an ulcer, reach for something other than pain killers to help get rid of it. Try a hot or cold compress, relax with a warm bath, get a massage, lie down in the dark, anything but putting a pain killer in your already sensitive stomach.

Fourth, stop smoking. Smoking is extremely detrimental to your health, and ulcers are quite frankly one of the minor side effects of the habit. Smoking also slows the healing process dramatically. Quitting will help your body heal the way it should, and prevent ulcers from recurring in the future.

Clearly simple lifestyle changes are some of the best home remedies for a stomach ulcer. For more tips and tricks to help deal with an ulcer, visit today!

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December 13, 2010

Heal Stomach Ulcer

If you have a stomach ulcer, you might be suffering from a great deal of pain. But, don?t despair! Depending on what caused your issue there are a number of ways to heal stomach ulcers.

Previously it was thought that the majority of stomach ulcers were caused by stress and a poor diet. They were also thought to occur most frequently in middle aged men who typically were workaholics. However, recent studies have shown that a large amount of stomach ulcers are caused by corkscrew-shaped bacteria called H. pylori. H. pylori lives in the stomach lining and, when it flourishes, can irritate that area, making it susceptible to damaging stomach acids. The only way to heal this type of stomach ulcer is by attacking the bacteria with a course of antibiotics, and retesting to make sure that did the trick. Of course, natural methods will always help encourage the healing process once the bacteria are gone.

Another thing that can cause an ulcer is pain medications. Over the counter pain medications, like Aleve and Ibuprofen (NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) halt the production of the stomach lining?s protective enzymes, which leaves it vulnerable to stomach acids. This can easily damage the lining and result in an ulcer. Other pain killers that have a similar effect and the same results are Aspirin and even prescription pain killers. In order to heal this type of ulcer, avoid taking pain killers during treatment. Try other methods to relieve pain, like a massage or a warm bath to relieve back or joint pain, and a nap in a dark room to relieve a headache.

Smoking is also thought to cause ulcers, among the long list of other health problems it causes. It also makes the body?s healing process rather sluggish. Quitting can help restore balance to your body, and help it heal that much quicker, in addition to keeping ulcers from being a recurring problem.

Stress is one thing that scientists and doctors are having trouble pointing fingers directly at as a cause for ulcers, but most agree that stress can worsen an ulcer and prohibit the healing process. In order to help heal your stomach ulcer, relax. Take deep breaths, count to 10, even take a course on meditation and practice the techniques you learn regularly. This can help reduce acid production in your stomach which aggravates an already sensitive area.

No matter the cause of your ulcer, there are a few basic things you can do to help it heal in addition to the aforementioned items.

1. Eat smaller meals more often. That will help your body absorb and digest all the food without putting too much pressure on the stomach. The pressure caused by eating large meals can actually worsen an ulcer.

2. While a bland diet isn?t entirely necessary when you?re trying to recover from an ulcer, eating the right foods can help your body heal. Target low fat foods, like lean meats, and foods that are high in the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to heal, like fish and blueberries. Additionally, foods that can cause heartburn or indigestion should be avoided ? things like citrus, onions, garlic, alcohol and caffeine.

For more ways to heal a stomach ulcer naturally, visit today.

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