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July 12, 2011

Heartburn Herbal Remedy

The painful symptoms of heartburn can make it hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain. Burning in the chest, pain that intensifies when you lie down and coughing are all symptoms of this condition. Triggered by drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, consuming food that is too spicy or fatty and eating certain foods can trigger the painful symptoms. Traditional medications aren’t without their own risks, but there are herbal remedies that can help alleviate the condition. Add some of these herbs to your arsenal so you can be prepared the next time heartburn sets your chest on fire.

As stomach acids move into the esophagus heartburn will occur. While medications are effective at putting out the fire after it starts, there are better treatments.

Aloe vera is great for more than external burns. Consuming it can also help ease the burning sensation in the esophagus. Taking 1 cup of aloe vera juice about twenty minutes before a meal can help ease the pain. Be sure that the juice consumed is designed specifically for internal use as aloe gel should not be consumed.

Slippery elm is another good option for easing the pain. A primary ingredient in herbal throat lozenges, it can be found in health stores. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this herb as its potential effects on the unborn child are currently unknown.

Marshmallow root tea can be made by steeping one tablespoon of the dried root in 8 oz of boiling water. Allow the root to steep for at least 10 minutes before straining the tea for consumption. Marshmallow is not safe for pregnant or nursing women and can prevent proper absorption of other medications.

Ginger root will absorb the stomach acid while also create a calm feeling. The calming effect helps it battle heartburn that results from stress and worry. Available in either capsule or tea, it’s also easy to take. It will also help ease nausea should that be a problem. Chamomile also helps ease stress and the calcium in it will help counteract the stomach acid.

Meadowsweet has a reputation for being the most effective herbal remedy for heartburn. It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, will counteract stomach acids and can stimulate digestive activity.

Dill contains high levels of anethole, an essential oil. It can aid in digestion, reduces muscle spasms and can help make the digestive system healthier. Dill can also be used to treat the hiccups and colic. Unlike some of the other choices, dill is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. An added bonus for mothers is that it will actually increase the levels of breast milk.

Herbal treatments will alleviate your heartburn pain safely and effectively. Some herbs also offer added benefits such as helping to soothe nerves or curing hiccups. While prescription medications and over-the-counter products may have serious side-effects, herbs do not typically pose any problems. Because some of these herbs can only be found online or in health food stores, it’s advisable to stock up on them before gastric reflux rears its ugly head again.

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February 28, 2011

Acid Herbal Reflux Remedy

The herbal remedy for your acid reflux is going to address your heartburn, acid indigestion and acid reflux at the root cause. On the other hand non-herbal, unnatural treatments such as blocking digestive acid with drugs, only treats the symptoms.

The danger with treating the symptoms of your acid reflux is that you may be making the root cause of your acid reflux worse.

Acid reflux symptoms are the same whether the cause of your heartburn and indigestion is from too much stomach acid production as it is for having too little acid to digest with.

I can?t emphasize the importance of using natural herbal remedies for acid reflux symptoms quite enough. It seems the wrong treatments are too readily available and because of a lifetime of suffering through Direct-to-Consumer advertisements for antacids, people assume that?s what is best for them.

Even if your acid reflux is caused from too much digestive acid production, antacids are NOT a cure for acid reflux.

Blocking acid indigestion and heartburn symptoms never changes the cause of acid reflux, or any health issue.

I realize it?s hard to always think on your own after being conditioned to do what you?re told by advertisers all your life. I know, I?ve struggled with the same contradictory signals too.

Herbal remedies provide unique plant nutrients, cofactors and enzymes that artificial drugs and vitamins simply do not.

Everything about you from your nervous system, your immune system and enteric digestive system depend on plant-based nutrients. The herbal environment around you has both structure and function. Your ancient ancestors realized these important connections thousands of years ago. Drug treatments are only 160 years old, and they never cure anything.

Herbal remedies are time tested and true folk technology . . . drugs are toxic molecules prescribed in small amounts in more of an experimental fashion. Herbal remedies are safe, predicable and proven effective acid reflux remedies.

Like I said your acid reflux symptoms can be blocked with chemical treatments, but that won?t change the cause of your acid reflux now will it?

Plus you?ve got to be sure that your acid reflux is caused from too much stomach acid production or from not producing enough digestive acids.

For this you?ll need a stomach acid test.

Meanwhile herbal remedies for acid reflux, heartburn and acid indigestion naturally work with all your systems internally, using gentle nutrients, minerals and enzymes to help restore balance.

The miraculous thing about herbal remedies is they communicate synergistically with your cells naturally, allowing the most beneficial ingredients to activate what needs activation and balance.

Herbal remedies help your digestive system heal itself of acid reflux better than chemically blocking symptoms of acid reflux will ever do.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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