Natural Cure Hernia

October 5, 2010

Natural Cure Hiatal Hernia

Whenever someone hears the word ?cure? in a sentence, they automatically become both hopeful and wary at the same time.? This is understandable when you are discussing any number of conditions.

Looking for a natural cure for hiatal hernia will yield some results that you may not have considered before?and may want to seriously think about.? Some of these solutions are so very simple that you will be surprised that you haven?t thought of them yourself before.

Using ?a chiropractor is one option that will save you money on any prescriptions for pain. Chiropractors are able to move your spine?or manipulate it?so that it goes into the position it is intended to be in, pushing your stomach back into its normal place.

This is important because the hiatal hernia occurs when your stomach and diaphragm push together, and eventually up inside the cavity of the chest.? However, it is not a guaranteed cure?nor will it be something that will always help the patient on a permanent basis, either.

Foods are another natural cure for the hiatal hernia.? Although not a perfect cure, after plenty of trial and error, it is possible to find what can be considered a ?cure? for each individual?s hiatal hernia. There is talk of a red apple stopping the pain from a hiatal hernia as well as acid reflux disease?and more.

Other foods such as broccoli sprouts and raw cabbage are well-known to help many individuals with easing their pain. Keep in mind that not all foods work the same way on everyone. There is some experimentation involved?avoiding foods that don?t have a lot of acid in them, as well as those that don?t have much fat either. Both acid and fat will cause the stomach to act up, and it will move, pushing the hernia and creating more pain.

Knowing what movements will create pain and what ones will avoid pain can also be considered a natural cure for a hiatal hernia. While that statement sounds odd, consider this?if your stomach puts out acid, and it comes up your throat on a regular basis, are your really going to want to do cartwheels or handstands?

Keeping that idea in mind, think about how you sleep. Lying flat is probably out?at least until you can get the hiatal hernia either under control, or totally healed. So, you will have to find a way to sleep slightly wedged up so that your esophagus doesn?t flatten out.

Also remember to keep your head and chest up when doing odd chores. If necessary, squat or kneel to pick things up. Use other things to help pick up items that you may have dropped so that you don?t permit the acid to rise.

Curing a hiatal hernia naturally is possible, depending on the severity of it, and your natural cure for hiatal hernia is just a step away.

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