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February 22, 2011

Natural Relief for Heartburn

Natural relief for heartburn doesn’t necessarily mean your curing your heartburn. If you just want fast temporary relief you can take a teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda and mix it into a 10 ounce glass of water and drink it slowly . . . that works better than an antacid and you won’t get all the heavy metal toxins in your body.

The problem here is I don’t know if your heartburn is from too much stomach acid.

It’s a myth the antacid industry made up decades ago to sell their so-called anti-heartburn products.

Fact is 90% or more of people who suffer from digestive imbalances have a lack of stomach acid.

It may surprise you to learn that the symptoms for lack of stomach acid or for an over abundance of stomach acid are typically the same. You can have heartburn from an inability to properly digest your food. This lack of digestive acids leads to heartburn because all the food you eat just sits in your gut.

Without adequate stomach acid you can’t digest your meals. You need to have enough stomach acid so that your food chemically breaks down into small molecules of fat, carbs and nutrients needed to make stomach acid and other things necessary for life . . . that would be natural relief.

Having heartburn could mean you’re suffering from a slow kind of nutritional starvation. Just because you’re eating food doesn’t mean you’re getting the benefits of that food.

Natural relief for heartburn in my book really means anything that naturally helps restore your normal digestive balance.

Heartburn is simply a signal trying to clue you in that something wrong is causing your discomfort . . . your heartburn pain.

Taking some kind of antacid for heartburn relief may seem to make good sense at first glance, but considering that’s all you’ve ever been told, or programmed, to do really doesn’t even qualify it as your own idea . . . that’s not very natural.

Learn to listen to your inner intelligence. You have more than 60 TRILLION cells which all depend on nutrients and their cofactors to enable them to communicate.

It’s like an Inner-net of cells.

Real natural relief for your heartburn would quench your deepest cellular needs. If you lack stomach acid, you need mineral sources from green leafy vegetables to help your body restore digestive balance. First you may have to literally go through a fasting period to help your gut digest and detox . . . that would be a form of natural relief for your heartburn.

If you really are one of the rare cases where you actually suffer from an over production of stomach acid, then you’ll need to find the cause if it and eliminate it to truly experience any relief.

You’re on the right track, do more of your own due diligence, talk to health practitioners and maybe even have your stomach checked for acid content . . .there is a test your doctor can give you.

Lasting natural relief for your heartburn is to eliminate whatever the cause is and stop thinking you need to block your Inner-net signals, learn to listen to them better.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Relief for Heartburn




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