January 3, 2011

Acid Reflux Help

Everyone needs a little help with acid reflux every now and then. Acid reflux should never be allowed to become a disease.

You can help protect your body by following a few natural guidelines.

It’s hard for some people to help themselves eliminate acid reflux, like over the road truckers, people that work in restaurants and actually it’s hard for anyone on the go these days . . . especially for you third shifters.

I’ve always found it hard to find “real” food when I worked on the road . . . I learned the hard way and had a mini-stroke when I was only 35 years old. Acid reflux is an inflammatory issue, like strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and even cancer . . . it’s all connected at one level or another.

If you’re having trouble finding real help for your acid reflux, trust me, you’re far from alone.

People are sick and tired of treating symptoms of inflammatory diseases like acid reflux and the rest of it. You can learn the easy way or the hard way like I did, it’s up to you. I would like to help you find an easy way . . . and avoid the hard way.

When I say “Treating” your acid reflux symptoms, it’s the same as saying “ignoring” the cause of your acid reflux.

There are stages of degenerative disease and inflammation is only one of those steps associated with all of them, especially acid reflux. The best way to help yourself get rid of acid reflux forever is to help get rid of your inflammation . . . now you are closer to finding the real cause of your acid reflux.

What causes inflammation? If you can eliminate that, you have done more than help your acid reflux, you’ll have cured yourself of it.

Inflammation starts whenever your body becomes stressed and there are a few things that can do that, but the number one reason is toxicity.

You can’t help your acid reflux if your body is full of toxins, whether it is toxins from pollutants found in the air, water and food, or toxic build-up from body wastes.

To help detoxify your body and reduce stress and inflammation that trigger acid reflux and other disease states, you’ll want to increase real energy levels in your body.

You can help do this by first avoiding foods that lower cellular energy.

You now have the master keys to help eliminate acid reflux and other inflammatory health problems.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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