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February 14, 2011

Natural Heartburn Remedy

The natural heartburn remedy your looking for is not in a pill or is it to be found in any medication.

The natural remedy for your heartburn involves you making a commitment to some lifestyle modifications.

First to remedy this acid indigestion issue called heartburn . . . you must start eliminating known and unknown sugars from your diet. Specifically all refined sugars and especially anything which contains high fructose corn sugar.

High fructose corn syrup is a well stage marketing lie and unfortunately it took a while for the evidence to get onto the main stream media, but the science is in.

Not only will eliminating these empty calories help you naturally remedy your heartburn, it will also help naturally remedy any obesity issues you may be dealing with . . . which in turn helps prevent diabetes and heart disease as well as reduce risk of cancer.

Guess you could say heartburn increases risk of cancer too, especially throat cancer.

So technically by using a natural remedy for your heartburn you may also be curing cancer.

It really is amazing how many natural remedies for heartburn and other health issues that there are and yet, billions of dollars are spent selling drugs directly to consumers . . . drugs that carry known and unknown health risks and some that even make the original health problem worse . . . like antacids.

Take for instance heartburn. If treated conventionally, the cause remains festering eventually into chronic acid indigestion, then on to stronger drugs, which create acid rebound, then onto GERD and possibly throat cancer.

Natural Heartburn ReliefAll that suffering simply because you weren’t told about the natural remedy for heartburn.

Next natural remedy for heartburn is to eliminate bad fats and trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils). Eating fried foods can depletes nutrients and even cause more inflammation by increasing white blood cell (an auto-immune response)

The third natural remedy for heartburn is to reduce your dietary levels of animal protein down below 10%, this will also help reduce your risks for other degenerative diseases also triggered by inflammation and nutritional deficiencies.

Last natural remedy for heartburn I can add today is to reduce eating refined flour of all types.


You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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