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January 18, 2011

Infant Acid Reflux Disease

Infant acid reflux is clinically known as gastro-esophageal reflux disease and is more common that you might first think.

Infant acid reflux happens when the food a child eats goes right back up into the throat.

This usually happens right after feeding, but it can happen anytime the baby strains or coughs. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your baby.

The first thing to do to stop infant acid reflux is to breast feed the infant frequently. If that isn’t an option then try switching formulas. The most common formulas are high in unwanted ingredients. Try to stay away from animal proteins and soy if you can . . . be very careful.

Animal proteins are hard on the digestive system and liver, plus the popular soy products should be fermented. Green soy contains allergens and plant toxins that could trigger your infant’s acid reflux.

Once your infant is a year to a year and a half old the infant acid reflux issues should be over.

It’s wise to not over feed your infant. It’s better to have more bonding sessions and smaller meals. Sometimes the child isn’t being held properly or is set back down too soon.

Setting your infant on the stomach right after feeding will trigger acid reflux faster than anything.

Try to avoid resorting to medications. Infants receive way too many drugs these days, it’s best to stick to a natural routine as much as possible.

Once you lose control of your infant’s health the medical management team will take over suspecting the worst.

Breast feeding offers the infant the best nutritional profile as well as growth factors and natural probiotics for a healthy immune system. Plus Mother’s milk is unmatched for its ability to be digested quickly and easily.

Remember, you baby isn’t designed for artificial foods or drugs . . . frequent bonding close to your skin and genuine care will go miles further than any medical regime can offer.

Again, there are always acceptations to the rules and medicine has its place.

Seriously if your infant suffers from recurring acid reflux try to breast feed, or even find a surrogate mother who has breast milk.

Nothing can compete with real breast milk for your child– infant acid reflux is totally preventable and curable naturally.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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