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December 7, 2010

Natural Remedy For Acid Reflux

Searching for the natural remedy for acid reflux is the only way to eliminate acid reflux from your life. Medically speaking there is no cure for acid reflux, only gimmicks that attempt to sell you on compromising your health by striving for a symptom free state.

Being symptom free certainly sounds good at first and I know when acid reflux hits all you want is instant relief. Well that?s what sodium bicarb and water was all about- that?s a natural remedy for some people. Just be sure your using aluminum free baking soda and don?t use very much and if it comes back, you probably have another issue known as stomach acid deficiency.

It?s important to know that most people who suffer from acid reflux actually have a stomach acid deficiency. I know the commercials have been telling you to take antacids for heartburn, acid reflux and acid indigestion for your whole like- kind of subliminal actually, maybe even auto-suggestive too.

Fact is antacids don?t help acid reflux; they can even make it worse. Like I said a little sodium bicarb perhaps on rare occasions, but seriously selling convenient little anti heartburn candies should be illegal.

They can really mess up your health and once you?ve lost your health, it won?t matter how much money you give them, they don?t have the natural remedies or the cures.

Acid reflux can be cured, but only through natural remedies. You see what doctors don?t know, can kill you. They go to Universities and institutions mostly funded and controlled by pharmaceutical companies. In fact Harvard students recently began demanding Big Pharma get out of their schools and out of their books.

Medical students go to school to better understand how the body naturally remedies itself, or at least that?s how it used to be. The reason is the natural design within all things has a superior intelligence. You can spend your life just learning the amazing healing remedies of the cell, then another lifetime learning how all 60 trillion cells work together to remedy the immune system and so much more.

Acid reflux has a natural remedy and that remedy naturally works with your body?s own intelligence starting at the cellular level.

If you suffer from acid reflux, eat an apple- but don?t peel it. Nature put enzymes in the peel that synergistically help you digest the apple, which in turn gives your body the nutritional remedy you need to improve digestion and cure acid reflux.

Make food your natural remedy not your poison.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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