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March 16, 2011

GERD Treatment

Gastro-esophageal acid reflux or GERD for short can be treated with a traditional Westernized medical angle using the chemical approach or you can use a treatment with more of a holistically angle using a nutritional approach.

Get Rid of GerdAccording to guidelines established by the American College of gastroenterology, GERD is defined as “symptoms or mucosal damage produced by the abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus”.

In searching for the right GERD treatment or cure it’s important you not get confused by elusive medical lingo. Simply put GERD is your heartburn gone wild. What was a simple case of acid indigestion has been allowed to inflame into a bad case of burned throat tissue.

Thanks to television programming, direct-to-consumer advertising and mass media propaganda millions of people end up using treatment that turn their heartburn into GERD.

If millions of people were addressing the root cause of their acid indigestion and heartburn in the first place, instead of popping antacids, then you and millions of others wouldn’t be even asking what GERD treatment they should use.

Why? Because there wouldn’t be any GERD and if there were they would be rare cases. GERD treatment is a huge business that sells antacid products, proton pump inhibitor chemicals and ultimately surgery and the maintenance products for that.

Your heartburn was never intended to lead you down a sales funnel of gimmicks and gadgetry . . . GERD treatment is a product made by the medical industry that you want to avoid at all costs.

GERD treatment is a gateway for laparoscopic or fundoplication surgery as a protocol to help you avoid the inevitable throat cancer you’re likely to get if you continue to just use GERD treatments to cover symptoms.

Before you even buy another bottle of antacids or fill that GERD treatment prescription for Proton Pump Inhibitor chemicals (PPIs), do yourself a favor, find a physician that is willing to give you a stomach acid test.

One of the biggest scams of GERD treatment is selling people on chemically blocking stomach acid production, when in fact their GERD symptoms are from a lack of stomach acid.

Don’t just take my word for it, look into it yourself. What I found is GERD treatment leads to acid rebound, which is a chemical dependency on PPIs . . .

Whenever you use a treatment, whether for GERD or acid reflux, whatever it is, keep in mind that treatment is only blocking symptoms . . . the root cause of your GERD is still there.

That’s why the nutritional approach is a smart avenue to look into before falling into the GERD treatment trap.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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March 8, 2011

Symptoms for GERD

If you constantly have a burning sensation in your chest, hiccup or belch frequently, particularly after a heavy, fatty meal, you may be experiencing heartburn, an ordinary symptom of GERD. Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, is a condition that stems from frequent acid reflux caused when the lower esophageal sphincter operates outside of the ordinary. Instead of tightening to restrict the influx of stomach acid and food that once passed through the esophagus, the loose sphincter or muscular ring allows acid to enter up the esophagus and cause inflammation. When the acid makes contact with the esophagus, a burning feeling begins, and is commonly referred to as heartburn.

Main Symptoms

Heartburn, sometimes referred to as acid indigestion, is primarily felt behind the breast bone but may spread to other nearby areas including the throat and neck. This pain is usually paired with belching. Heartburn is widespread and affects about 40% of the population. Although heartburn alone does not reflect that GERD is present, people that suffer from heartburn several times per week probably have GERD or acid reflux disease.

Gastric acid regurgitation is often associated with heartburn and is a chief symptom of GERD. Regurgitation can be uncomfortable because the acidic content of the stomach has the ability to burn and irritate the esophagus. When this occurs, the esophagus may become inflamed and limit the access of food to the stomach and create pain with swallowing.

Less Obvious Symptoms

Some symptoms of GERD are less-common and may go accidentally unnoticed as a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Chest pain, abdominal discomfort and nausea are among the symptoms that are often misinterpreted as symptoms for other medical conditions and diseases such as a heart attack. The simultaneous onset of these symptoms may be signs of Dyspepsia, where a general stomach ache occurs. Other symptoms for GERD are not typical at all but can serve as a warning sign. These atypical symptoms include but are not limited to asthma, sinusitis, a persistent cough, laryngitis and dentine hypersensitivity.

Defensive Treatment

Regulating the symptoms of GERD can be done through diet and habit. Eating meals that are less acidic a few hours before bed is a great way to reduce heartburn. Refraining from alcohol, fattening meals and chocolate can limit the frequency and intensity of heartburn and GERD. Over the counter medications like ibuprofen found in Advil and other pain relievers can exacerbate the symptoms of GERD. Drinking large amounts of water can neutralize the acidity of the stomach’s natural juices. Preventing GERD may be easier than treating it.

If you are not incorporated in your daily lifestyle and gastroesophageal reflux disease goes untreated, this may lead to gastritis and other complications of the esophagus. This can eventually cause difficulty with breathing and swallowing, essential everyday functions.

The Reflux Remedy Report contains more information on the symptoms for GERD and can assist you in determining your risk level. Go go to to view additional tips and methods of treating these symptoms.

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February 24, 2011

Natural Treatment for GERD

The natural treatment for GERD will be whatever takes away the root cause of your GERD.

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is basically heartburn gone wild.

Seriously millions of people who mistreat their simple heartburn become cash cows for the acid reflux and GERD industries.

No one would ever get GERD if they used a natural remedy for their heartburn instead of falling for antacid treatments.

For every antacid a heartburn sufferer pops there is a potential GERD patient in the making.

It’s NOT natural to use drugs to block symptoms of heartburn, this kind of MIS- treatment of heartburn encourages people to ignore and eventually forget about their heartburn and GERD symptoms and causes.

The better the antacid product blocks a person’s heartburn or GERD symptoms the more likely the acid indigestion issue will inflame into a progressively worse condition.

Let’s follow the trail to solve the crime.

You start thinking it’s natural to have heartburn after years of eating foods packed with chemicals and virtually empty of any significant nutritional value. Then you think it’s acceptable for you to self treat your condition with chemical products carelessly and conveniently marketed to make a profit off you.

These antacids you use as a treatment to cover up your heartburn symptoms allow you to go further and further down the road to illness, plus they are also contributing heavy metals into your body to weaken your immune system more.

Soon the antacid wears off and your heartburn flares up with a vengeance . . . so you see your doctor for a stronger antacid, not even thinking maybe the treatment is actually causing your heartburn to become more like advanced GERD.

Naturally your doctor signs your prescription for a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) as a treatment to chemically stop the cells that make stomach acid from working at all. These PPIs are notorious for being addictive physiologically and after going through treatment for a while you need your doctor’s help getting off them, because your symptoms are getting louder.

Now IF your doctor tested you to see if you actually had any stomach acid in the first place, then you’re still in trouble because PPIs cause acid rebound.

Acid rebound doesn’t have a treatment, because the drug treatment causes it, so now you notice your heartburn pain is like the lake of fire, your own little personal Hell deep in your throat.

Next treatment you’ll need is for hiatal hernia, probably surgery and a protocol to force you to eat better . . . which is really all you needed to do in the first place before ever having sought drug treatment for heartburn.

The natural treatment for GERD according to most doctors and pharmacists is to block the signals of your body and upgrade medication when the health problem blossoms from heartburn to GERD and beyond to surgery.

Natural treatment is not an option for GERD, you want to be CURED . . . patient bewares!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

GERD Symptoms

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February 11, 2011

Natural Cures for GERD

The natural cures for GERD are the same natural cures that prevent GERD. Basically GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is simply heartburn gone wild.

The natural cures for GERD is the right diet married with a moderately active lifestyle . . . even a mildly active lifestyle will help naturally cure your GERD.

I know you didn’t really want to hear that did you? Fact is it’s the same natural cure for almost every degenerative disease they make medicine for, not just GERD.

I realize most people these days are too busy and too stressed out to make the changes they should. It’s sad that in order to make a living, which usually means barely getting by, people think they have to give up their health and peace of mind.

In trade for what? Paying the water bill and being able to afford antacids for the lifetime of GERD symptoms and surgery you’re in for?

This need not be.

Your natural cures for GERD is not about taking antacids or PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) nor is it surgery.

The natural cures for your GERD comes from doing the opposite of treating GERD symptoms; it’s the opposite of maintaining a state of acid indigestion for the rest of your life and the natural cures for your GERD has nothing to do with taking harmful addictive drugs . . . but you already knew that I hope.

The natural s for your GERD are only going to be found from boycotting the Western Pattern Diet from your life, also called SAD for Standard American Diet.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) was designed to feed big corporations like Big Sugar, Big Agri and the USDA . . .

There is just no way Americans can naturally cure their GERD and the rest of those age-related diseases that are popping up like weeds without learning how to eat naturally.

It is NOT natural for people to be eating so much animal protein. Animal protein is way over rated by the agencies and lobbyists that support these industries.

Americans have been told to eat too much of everything . . . it’s no wonder why GERD affects more and more people each year. I’m sorry there is no magic pill to naturally cure your GERD either.

GERD is caused from over eating foods with lousy nutritional profiles and drinking beverages loaded with sugar or worse . . . high fructose corn syrup.

Look around, you’re not alone. Millions of people need to be naturally cured from the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is mostly to blame for your GERD and the GERD epidemic.

A natural cure for GERD is what happens when you remove the cause of your GERD. . . taking medicine encourages you to forget about naturally curing GERD.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Heartburn Relief




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