February 24, 2011

Natural Treatment for GERD

The natural treatment for GERD will be whatever takes away the root cause of your GERD.

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is basically heartburn gone wild.

Seriously millions of people who mistreat their simple heartburn become cash cows for the acid reflux and GERD industries.

No one would ever get GERD if they used a natural remedy for their heartburn instead of falling for antacid treatments.

For every antacid a heartburn sufferer pops there is a potential GERD patient in the making.

It’s NOT natural to use drugs to block symptoms of heartburn, this kind of MIS- treatment of heartburn encourages people to ignore and eventually forget about their heartburn and GERD symptoms and causes.

The better the antacid product blocks a person’s heartburn or GERD symptoms the more likely the acid indigestion issue will inflame into a progressively worse condition.

Let’s follow the trail to solve the crime.

You start thinking it’s natural to have heartburn after years of eating foods packed with chemicals and virtually empty of any significant nutritional value. Then you think it’s acceptable for you to self treat your condition with chemical products carelessly and conveniently marketed to make a profit off you.

These antacids you use as a treatment to cover up your heartburn symptoms allow you to go further and further down the road to illness, plus they are also contributing heavy metals into your body to weaken your immune system more.

Soon the antacid wears off and your heartburn flares up with a vengeance . . . so you see your doctor for a stronger antacid, not even thinking maybe the treatment is actually causing your heartburn to become more like advanced GERD.

Naturally your doctor signs your prescription for a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) as a treatment to chemically stop the cells that make stomach acid from working at all. These PPIs are notorious for being addictive physiologically and after going through treatment for a while you need your doctor’s help getting off them, because your symptoms are getting louder.

Now IF your doctor tested you to see if you actually had any stomach acid in the first place, then you’re still in trouble because PPIs cause acid rebound.

Acid rebound doesn’t have a treatment, because the drug treatment causes it, so now you notice your heartburn pain is like the lake of fire, your own little personal Hell deep in your throat.

Next treatment you’ll need is for hiatal hernia, probably surgery and a protocol to force you to eat better . . . which is really all you needed to do in the first place before ever having sought drug treatment for heartburn.

The natural treatment for GERD according to most doctors and pharmacists is to block the signals of your body and upgrade medication when the health problem blossoms from heartburn to GERD and beyond to surgery.

Natural treatment is not an option for GERD, you want to be CURED . . . patient bewares!

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

GERD Symptoms

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January 30, 2013

Graham Wright @ 2:10 am

Have any ideas to fight GERD naturally ?

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