November 29, 2010

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

You will rarely ever come in contact with a person who hasn?t experienced the painful burning and discomfort that goes along with heartburn and acid reflux. When it occurs frequently, it can disrupt your life pretty dramatically, causing loss of sleep, pain and discomfort.? Fortunately there are doctors and scientists that have been studying this subject for years and are now able to present you with many natural remedies for acid reflux that are sure to help alleviate this problem.

If you are a sufferer of acid reflux, you know the effects are wide reaching. The symptoms can strike you anywhere at any time. There are many people who will go to the doctor for help and will be prescribed medicine that can cost them hundreds of dollars per refill.? While these medications can help, they ?tend to be rather pricey and inconvenient, resulting in repeated trips to the pharmacy and doctor?s office. It may be a wiser option to look into utilizing some natural remedies for acid reflux that don’t involve dangerous medicines and that won’t break your bank. Some may already be in your pantry and can be tried today!

The Reflux Remedy Report, written by Bob Barton, reviews several of these natural remedies and teaches you how to manage your acid reflux without completely disrupting your life. For example, did you know that using an extra pillow or two while you sleep can help alleviate heartburn by letting gravity pull the acid back down towards your stomach?

A little extra leverage under your head puts your esophagus at a downward angle over your stomach which allows gravity to help prevent some of the irritation from heartburn. It’s also been shown that avoiding certain foods in your diet that are high in acid can dramatically affect the severity and frequency of your acid reflux. Foods such as citrus, carbonated beverages and many types of spicy foods contain more acid than other types of foods. This extra acid on top of the acid your body is already making can often be too much for your body to handle. A slight change in your diet can be a great help.

Even a change in your daily habits may help dramatically.? Eating less food more often prevents pressure from building up in your stomach and keeps acid where it belongs.? Also, avoiding food less than two hours before bed can help prevent acid reflux, as gravity is given the chance to do its job and keep acid down in your stomach before you lie down.? Something as simple as drinking a glass of water can help flush excess acids away and give you relief from the burning sensation.

Managing your acid reflux can seem like a huge battle and no doubt your experience dealing with the effects and symptoms of this condition can cause doubt in a natural cure. But Bob Barton’s book, Reflux Remedy Report gives us a great tool in this battle. He has put together a comprehensive resource of natural remedies for acid reflux and a lot of great tips for managing this irritating condition on our own without help from dangerous medicines and procedures.

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