November 29, 2010

Signs of Acid Reflux

Signs of acid reflux are the classic burping, acid indigestion, heartburn symptoms. It?s nothing new as some of the antacid manufacturers would have you believe on television commercials.

Acid reflux is as old as over-eating. It?s no secret acid reflux is caused from indulging, and especially from indulging in certain greasy foods, like fried chicken.

Over time occasional indigestion becomes chronic indigestion and that?s when acid reflux starts to rear its head more often.

If you feel tired after you eat, if you eat a lot before bedtime and have trouble sleeping, only to wake up tired and hungry again, you are a candidate for acid reflux. The signs of acid reflux are obviously, fatigue, burping and a feeling of being ?full.?

Actually, I should say a feeling of being very full, you know what I mean, ?Uncomfortably full.?

Many people are surprised to find out manufacturers of antacid products and acid reflux gimmicks have been painting a false image of what acid reflux really is.

More often than not, acid reflux is a result of acid indigestion instigated by a consistent lack of stomach acid.

Yes, that?s correct; a stomach acid deficiency is the most common cause of the signs of acid reflux.

The signs of acid reflux give it away. The reason you feel full, tired and burp a lot, is because there happens to be more undigested food than your digestive system can handle. Naturally this would trigger your stomach to make more digestive acids and digest the extra food. Except for the sad fact that usually because there is undigested food from the previous meals (some more than a day old), the acid producing cells are already bled dry and haven?t any stomach acid left to offer.

This happens because the pancreas is over worked as well as the liver and gall bladder from having to do this time and time again, year after year. That?s why you?re tired and miserable. Acid reflux is a sign that food is slowing down your body instead of giving it energy.

The most obvious sign that acid reflux is from a stomach acid deficiency would be if that stuffy fullness stays feeling full for extended periods of time.

Another sign of acid reflux is a burning sensation that accompanies the burping and acid indigestion. At this point it may not matter what you eat, because nothing is being digested properly.

This is a sign that you need to add enzymes, ocean minerals and probiotics to your diet fast, which are the key building blocks of stomach acid.

Your pancreas usually supplies enzymes to break your food down. The problem is after years of eating cooked and processed foods that no longer have enzymes and important nutrition in them, the pancreas has to make them. This is a catch 22 situation because without enzymes already in your food, your pancreatic cells will lack the minerals and nutrients to manufacture more enzymes.

Therefore acid reflux can be a sign your pancreas and other parts are over taxed and have nothing left to offer you. Once this happens acid reflux is an inevitable sign as the stomach sporadically creates random bursts of bile salts and stomach acid in a desperate attempt to dissolve all the food literally rotting in your gut.

One more sign of acid reflux is bad breath from all the rancid food rotting away inside your intestines. This sign is a sign you may have many signs of acid reflux and ?. . . they are all bad signs, signs you?ve ignored the root cause of acid reflux for far too long.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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