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February 21, 2011

Natural Remedies For Heartburn

Natural remedies for heartburn allow you to reverse the degenerative process and activate your innate natural healing process.

Natural remedies are NOT drugs because they do not waste your time and money treating the symptoms of your heartburn. Natural remedies remedy your heartburn by helping you eliminate the root cause of your heartburn symptoms.

Natural remedies for heartburn, acid reflux or acid indigestion are not sold in drug stores and you will never hear of a natural remedy for heartburn on television or any other mainstream media source.

The mainstream media, such as TV, radio and newspapers, are a business, a BIG business owned by only a hand full of very wealthy people hiding behind the cover of corporations. There is no money to be made in natural remedies for heartburn.

In fact if the natural remedies for heartburn got out it would cost these media moguls billions, not including all the possible liability suits people with complications form heartburn would file.

Frankly the natural remedy for your heartburn is to stop using acid reflux, heartburn or acid indigestion products altogether. Odds are if you don’t use a natural remedy for your heartburn now, you’ll end up with a hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal acid reflux or even throat cancer because you ignored the root cause of your heartburn, allowing your heartburn to become a gateway disease.

Always, as a rule, seek out the most natural and harmless way to cure you of heartburn related health problems and for that matter ANY health issue.

Drugs are emergency medicine, they were never intended for long term use, never intended to cure or prevent. Heartburn antacids and drugs are there incase you failed to prevent or cure your heartburn and don’t know of a natural remedy to reverse it.

As long as the mainstream media can block natural remedy information from getting to you, the more likely you’ll end up being a cash cow of the medical industry for life.

The natural remedy for heartburn is to look at the causal level of your acid reflux issues, find the trigger and eliminate it. It may be your diet, diet habits, lifestyle habits, lack of stomach acid, lack of digestive enzymes, and lack of gut flora, bacterial infection, low blood serum pH . . . or all of the above.

The natural remedy for your heartburn is whatever it takes to help your immune and enteric system to become stronger. It could be anything from a mineral deficiency that’s causing a stomach acid deficiency to not having adequate nutrients necessary for an efficient digestive and immune system, to a bacterial imbalance.

Every natural remedy is as unique as the person with the heartburn issues, so gather more research, find proven remedies on the FREE Internet and interview health practitioners . . . you’ll find a simple affordable natural remedy for your heartburn I?m sure.

You were born to heal,


Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

Natural Heartburn Relief




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February 17, 2011

Natural Heartburn Treatment

Your best road to natural heartburn treatment is to NOT treat your heart burn naturally or unnaturally. Treatment is a double-edged sword. The word treatment makes it sound as if you are doing something important to eliminate your heartburn, but there’s no such thing as natural treatment.

Get Rid of Heartburn Only drugs treat diseases and treating your heartburn with drugs will only turn it into a disease.

Treatment suggests addressing the symptoms of your heartburn somehow, natural or not.

Pizza and milk are natural, right? Combined in massive quantities these two natural items will give you acid reflux for sure. Milk is 97% casein, an animal protein used to make glue . . . it’s very hard to digest and pizza is also full of cheese, which is another form of milk, along with refined, enriched flour full of plant toxins like gluten, phytic acid (a mineral blocker) and refined sugar (an inflammatory.)

I can give you a thousand examples of how the Standard American Diet (SAD) has betrayed the best interest of your digestive system and left you suffering in heartburn ally.

The word natural can also be misused and misunderstood as well. Just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Back to the treatment of your Western diet pattern triggered acid reflux . . . nothing; absolutely nothing . . . ever happens on a symptom level. The heartburn treatment, whether natural or drug-related, is fooling you into believing you are making a change to your heartburn by blocking or masking the symptoms.

Your acid reflux symptoms are the effect of your poor dietary habits and the only way to rid yourself of heartburn symptoms isn’t to keep treating them, but by eliminating them.

It’s no mystery that treating your heartburn symptoms only allows the real cause of heartburn to continue to create bigger health problems for you.

Stop treating your heartburn and start eliminating the cause of your heartburn.

Did you know that heartburn is caused from a stomach acid deficiency 90% of the time?

Did the doctor prescribing your heartburn treatment test you for stomach acid?

Probably not. If you were tested and they found a lack of stomach acid was causing your acid indigestion and heartburn, they wouldn’t make much money off your problem.

Lack of stomach acid has been linked to lots of health issues not only heartburn, but adrenal fatigue and a whole cluster of symptoms they can sell more drugs for.

Why worry about naturally treating you acid reflux or even looking for other unnatural ways for treatment of your heartburn . . . simply eliminate the root cause of your heartburn symptoms.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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December 21, 2010

Symptoms Of Acid Reflux In Women

The symptoms of acid reflux in women are the same as the acid reflux symptoms for men. One outstanding difference is women tend to be more susceptible to nutritional deficiencies than men. This is most likely due to the fact that they can grow babies and men obviously do not.

The more nutrient deficient you are the more likely you’ll suffer from acid reflux, which is a double edge sword for women because suffering from acid reflux means you’re not absorbing enough nutrients from your food.

What many woman don’t understand about their acid reflux symptoms is that sometimes it’s because of a lack of stomach acid rather than an over production of it.

A woman’s body needs specific nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Just as important, if not more so are the 72 trace minerals that help make nutrient absorption possible.

If you’re a woman and you suffer from acid reflux triggered from a stomach acid deficiency, you most likely are also suffering from a mineral deficiency as well.

Fortunately, you can get plenty of minerals and nutrients from following a Mediterranean-style diet. Not only do woman who eat a Mediterranean -style diet have less deficiencies and therefore less health problems like acid reflux, they actually live longer too. At least that’s what articles published in the British Medical Journal and the Archives of Internal Medicine show.

At the University of Athens, Greece, their medical school did a study with more than 70,000 women who didn’t have any major diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer. All of them were over 60 years old and data was taken concerning their lifestyles and diets for 8 years.

Bottom line is a Mediterranean diet was linked to a significant reduction in mortality.

I challenge any woman to increase here quality of life by eating more naturally, like Mediterranean woman do and I’m sure you’ll find your acid reflux problems disappearing once and for all.

What does one have to do with the other? Based on my personal research, eating healthy naturally cures acid reflux in men and woman. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a “sad” joke played upon the American people. I hope to soon publish the Healthy American Diet, which will be an improved version of the Atkins diet-stay tuned!

A focus on raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy products, low intake of red meat, low intake of refined grains, and avoidance of fried foods meets the wide variety of nutrient needs for people suffering from acid reflux, whether a man or a woman.

Acid reflux caused from a stomach acid deficiency is a nutritional imbalance just as an acid reflux from an over-production of stomach acid is- both can be cured by eating a healthier more intelligent diet.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass

Health Advocate

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November 29, 2010

Signs of Acid Reflux

Signs of acid reflux are the classic burping, acid indigestion, heartburn symptoms. It?s nothing new as some of the antacid manufacturers would have you believe on television commercials.

Acid reflux is as old as over-eating. It?s no secret acid reflux is caused from indulging, and especially from indulging in certain greasy foods, like fried chicken.

Over time occasional indigestion becomes chronic indigestion and that?s when acid reflux starts to rear its head more often.

If you feel tired after you eat, if you eat a lot before bedtime and have trouble sleeping, only to wake up tired and hungry again, you are a candidate for acid reflux. The signs of acid reflux are obviously, fatigue, burping and a feeling of being ?full.?

Actually, I should say a feeling of being very full, you know what I mean, ?Uncomfortably full.?

Many people are surprised to find out manufacturers of antacid products and acid reflux gimmicks have been painting a false image of what acid reflux really is.

More often than not, acid reflux is a result of acid indigestion instigated by a consistent lack of stomach acid.

Yes, that?s correct; a stomach acid deficiency is the most common cause of the signs of acid reflux.

The signs of acid reflux give it away. The reason you feel full, tired and burp a lot, is because there happens to be more undigested food than your digestive system can handle. Naturally this would trigger your stomach to make more digestive acids and digest the extra food. Except for the sad fact that usually because there is undigested food from the previous meals (some more than a day old), the acid producing cells are already bled dry and haven?t any stomach acid left to offer.

This happens because the pancreas is over worked as well as the liver and gall bladder from having to do this time and time again, year after year. That?s why you?re tired and miserable. Acid reflux is a sign that food is slowing down your body instead of giving it energy.

The most obvious sign that acid reflux is from a stomach acid deficiency would be if that stuffy fullness stays feeling full for extended periods of time.

Another sign of acid reflux is a burning sensation that accompanies the burping and acid indigestion. At this point it may not matter what you eat, because nothing is being digested properly.

This is a sign that you need to add enzymes, ocean minerals and probiotics to your diet fast, which are the key building blocks of stomach acid.

Your pancreas usually supplies enzymes to break your food down. The problem is after years of eating cooked and processed foods that no longer have enzymes and important nutrition in them, the pancreas has to make them. This is a catch 22 situation because without enzymes already in your food, your pancreatic cells will lack the minerals and nutrients to manufacture more enzymes.

Therefore acid reflux can be a sign your pancreas and other parts are over taxed and have nothing left to offer you. Once this happens acid reflux is an inevitable sign as the stomach sporadically creates random bursts of bile salts and stomach acid in a desperate attempt to dissolve all the food literally rotting in your gut.

One more sign of acid reflux is bad breath from all the rancid food rotting away inside your intestines. This sign is a sign you may have many signs of acid reflux and ?. . . they are all bad signs, signs you?ve ignored the root cause of acid reflux for far too long.

You were born to heal,

Todd M. Faass?

Health Advocate

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